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Nooo... through my years of distro hopping, this is the one I kept coming back to :(


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This is great! I've been poking around the site a bit more and like it a lot. I've seen so many sites where a reddit exodus takes it off the ground for a bit and then the posts slowly dwindle to a trickle.. or sites where a couple of people post but there's little community interaction. So I'm happy to hear there's a strong community history here. Thanks for making this site!


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I had my Jacobin subscription sent to my mom's house and she joked I was trying to get her on a list. Considering her rant about Jill Stein, she would skin me alive if she knew I didn't vote for Clinton in 2016. I just smile and nod when she goes on about how brilliant Pelosi's 'sarcastic clapping' was, and try to offer counter points to some things.