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how is it selfish to ask for white protestors, who are supposed to be at these protests in allyship to black people, to listen + support them, especially in situations where tagging/looting/destroying property gets pinned solely on black protestors not only by the media but by the cops when they choose who to arrest for these actions?


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Thank you for sharing. This hit hard:

In their absence, my pain returned. But so did a fact I had shamefully forgotten: I’ve never been alone. The people who love me have never left. I’d just undervalued them so deeply that I weighed romantic love as more significant.


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The full UN report has 111 companies on it which the article doesn't list out, so I've uploaded a PDF copy of it here (just click on the thumbnail to view).

It's definitely interesting to note the companies that they've omitted from the report despite their documented involvement, like HP and Hyundai.


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It sounds like you’re taking on the brunt of the emotional labour. I’m sorry.