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I wouldn't worry about it. Doubt anyone comes after you for it. Not familiar with Aussie law enforcement but I can't imagine that someone almost shoplifting is a serious offense. No idea about being barred from the shop, you'd have to ask them. If you plan on going back, I'd stay away for a month or so to be safe and let everyone forget about the incident.


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Honestly I'd look for the buyer before I started worrying about stealing something. If your goal is cash, look for items that people are willing to buy second hand, give a decent price for and then just target those. Some things people just don't want to buy. Likely things that come to mind:

Whole bean coffee

Disposable razors

Expensive soap/lotions/etc.

Olive Oil


Food can be good to target as long as it's non-perishable. Much easier to resell granola bars, sealed cans of nuts, and bags of beef jerky than a package of pork chops or Alaskan salmon.


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I have a similar problem at one of the grocery stores I go to, not exactly the same setup but sounds kind of like what you're describing. One thing I use to get around this is the "buy a little" method. Stuff my reusable bag (has a zipper so I can close it/conceal) with $80-100 worth of groceries, but also put $10 worth of cheap, bulky products into my basket or cart and actually buy those. Rice, lettuce, paper towels, bottled water, whatever. I bring a second reusable bag and use that for the groceries I paid for.

Walking out of the store all it looks like is I have an extra reusable bag hanging over my shoulder, but I still have a bag in my hand with stuff in it that I just paid for and have a receipt for. Assuming you act normal/casual and no one sees you concealing the groceries in the first place, it's almost impossible to get caught. Getting $100 worth of stuff for $5-10 is a nice discount.