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good point if you do not really work with other people. In my case, and because of the great distances, I need to connect.


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if you are talking about text type files, or images, in the nextcloud I can organize by date, name, insert tags, date or size, etc.


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I use nextcloud and CryptPad !!


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Estan a usar algun chat para charlas, no necessariamente em ingles?? /mofongo/?


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Dumai, exceptional questions, although it is not a problem of anarcho-primitivism only, but of the swamp where our whole anarchist perspective is, and why? If my bad English allows …

I will make use here of the Amerindian Perspectivism, this will allow us to leave the binarism nature / culture, as: universal / particular; objective / subjective; immanence / transcendence; body / spirit; animality / humanity; etc. the world is populated by other subjects, agents or people, other than human beings, and who see reality differently from humans.

One must suspect of the categories with which we organize our thinking and make reality intelligible.

The exercise here is right out of the models that have interpreted the world up to here and think that other worlds possible and necessary, we can inhabit.

If we are able to imagine, far from the ethnocentric colonial perspective, a multinaturalism vision, perhaps we will leave the conceptual traps.

What happens if we leave the current frame of reference?

and anarcho-criticization seek new conceptual, semantic and linguistic coordinates in the Amerindian world, what would our visions, and even our ethics be?