nsopegasusyou wrote

The reason not to use Telegram is because it requires the 3G/4G/5G telecom infrastructure, which is used by Silicon Valley to spy on everybody with Silicon Trojans that do electromagnetic surveillance.

It isn't Russia who is the problem, it is America and their Big Tech. You are falling victim to a psyop, but so is Russia.

Only China can offer an alternative now with Huawei.


nsopegasusyou wrote

Google trains AIs with the stolen inner speech of you and everybody. Machine Learning applied to microwave imaging done with Silicon Trojans enables unprecedented surveillance for Silicon Valley.

Google never for once cared about ethics. Eric Schmidt, the former Google chairman, told Reuters in a recent interview that high-end processors should have kill-switches.

“Knowing where the chips go is probably a very good thing. You could for example, on every chip put in essentially a public private key pair, which authenticates it and allows it to work”.


What he won’t tell is that this is already a reality, as I learned after having my air-gapped system and Pixel phone wiped remotely for researching “silent speech interfaces”, which goes against Google's interest for the public to know about. There is no security when silicon trojans are inside of every CPU.


nsopegasusyou wrote

There is no anonymity if you connect to 4chan using a Silicon Valley designed processor.

The "facts" that these shooters are fed are highly tailored to what they are predisposed to believe already, because the ones posting have complete surveillance of everyone (including of you who reads this - you can thank Eric Schmidt) and know exactly what to post to create a shooter.

Silicon Valley has blood on their hands. 4chan is just one of the places used for these operations. Taking it down doesn't matter, because as long as Silicon Valley continues to spy on everybody and give the data to terrorists, innocent people will continue to be murdered.