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A lot of self-checkouts have an "in cart" or "skip bagging" option (button) or something like that, I can't remember how it's worded. Basically you're telling the machine you put the item in the cart so it won't look for a change in scale weight.

Anyway my method has been to pretend to scan an item while covering the barcode in some way, and put it in a reuseable bag in the cart. Two things though, make sure the employee working self check-out is away or if you're lucky, busy with another customer, and the other thing is make sure you've already scanned some actual items and put them in the bag. This way, that way there's a number of things in the bag and I've noticed most employees don't bother to look long enough if they come by. If you get caught you can say "oh whoops" and then at the end of scanning things you can just tell them you changed your mind and don't want it.

One time I wasn't even intending to steal and the scanner didn't work, I didn't notice, and the scale said to put the item back. I grabbed the item but the employee was nearby and heard it and came by to help. However she was also working so quickly she took the item from me and had assumed it had been scanned because she then put it in the bag and did her thing to override the machine, basically helping me shoplift.


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Feel like it should be noted for US people, ITS has now claimed two killings in California of tech CEOs. Think what you want about tech CEOs, this is just to let you know ITS now "operates" in the US.


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Made a fake account. It's like Reddit basically with a profile like Facebook. Asking me to subscribe to "subwikis" (i.e. topics?) I'm interested in. Looks like I can follow many things like.. the New Zealand 2020 Elections, Indoor Swimming, Murray Bookchin (lol), and nazbol gang (yuck). People seem to make these topics themselves. Also $12.99/mo? Fuck off..