nosho18 wrote

It's good the there are autonomously controlled communications platforms set up. Reddit is the best of the worst in terms of allowing actual anonymity, but in the end they benefit from keeping a self-referential space that doesn't build power irl. Fundamental to anarchism, for me, is that there is no separation between ideas and actions -- it's why free speech arguments fall flat and also why liberatory and rebellious ideas are seen as threats.

It's true that the reason people try so hard to do their politics on mainstream platforms is the sense that they're reaching people that way, which is maybe true. But for most of us, the goal isn't to get the most likes or make space for super low level participation like that. People critique projects like raddle as "talking to ourselves", but what's wrong with that if the goal is to deepen our analysis, maintain lines of communication, and build solidarity to take struggles back into the streets?


nosho18 wrote

I'm assuming your concern is the same as that of the person who commented on North Shore, so I'll reproduce the answer someone posted there:

"I don't believe the person was trans, just that she was a muscular woman. The writer was probably trying to avoid gendering someone whose gender identity they didn't know. Providing a physical description might be useful for people who could have been introduced to this person by Shane."

I'll add that there's a good chance she was a cop too.