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No reason. They just didn't want me any more.

I'm homeless till death. Got a Raddler considering the possibility of coming to pick me up and hitching back to his place for some quick or slow ejumacation but yea....

No idea how long I'll live. No choices. Decided not to pay my credit card or, for that matter, any of the bills.

I'm unemployable so I'm essentially leaving me behind. I won't exist when I close this door.

I mean, noordinaryspider will.....if I decide to use computers.....but birth name, driver's license, entire fucking life up until EXACTLY 7:30 AM on September 1, 2018 is pretty much up for grabs. Free sale. Fuck money. I'm bringing a dollar in case anyone asks if I have a dollar.

This is weird and crazy and surreal as hell.


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Na, no small boutique but I fantasize about lifting crap like Pierre Cardin la-de-da that sell for absurd amount of money, calling the Pierre Cardin ralph Loren creation de jour an "Ugly yellow sweater i can't stand" and giving away entire uniforms of pierre la cradon tres chic de au revoirs that retail for a jillion dollars apiece to every single hungry cold ugly person I can find who agrees to wear "This disgusting ugly sweater" for a joke.

It would be fucking hilarious.

Clothing banks would be full of stoned, dying, defeated people begging to trade their disgusting ugly yellow sweaters for clothes that were better clothes.


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I'm rather partial to petty criminals who give so few fucks about what assholes think about the fact that they randomly steal whateverthefuck people actually shoplift from Walmart for whateverthefuck reason they shoplift whatever they shoplift from Walmart because what the fucking fucking fucking fuck it's hurting Walmart where Walmart doesn't want to get hurt so what the fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fuck.

Do I have to have a reason for giving so many fucks about shoplifters just because they give so few fucks about what I or anyone else thinks about them?

I always thought "pirate" was reclaiming the joy of the first time you actually trusted a random stranger on the internet and actually saw for the first time in your life that.........

(for you it was probably The Pirate Bay and for me it was WinMX even though I wish I was cool enough to say Napster)

REALLY DID EXIST and that sudden burst of energy as you decided that yes, yolo, this really was worth the humiliation of the exact same fear the first time you ever tore off a "do not remove" tag and had to horrifically and traumatically explain the extent of your crime against humanity, nature, and everything that is good about the universe, right?

But did you really believe it would actually happen and wasn't it just the kind of thrill that you would never consider appropriate to discuss on the internet and I mean that is hardly the POINT of sharing one's entire music collection with random strangers on the internet but you've got to admit.

It does make it fun to call oneself a "Pirate" on the internet for the unspeakable crime of, essentially, sharing one's music with random strangers the way good ol' Mom used to do with me back in the 20th century with something we called a "boom box" if it had some sort of thingything called something vaguely along the lines of "Dual Dubbing Decks" or something like that. Mom was a perfectionist. When she Pirated our Christmas Presents instead of shopping for them, she ALWAYS took her liner notes with the lyrics on the album down to the public library so she could put a dime in the public printer-not-printer whatchamadoodle we used to call a "Xerox machine".

If any random nicewhitemiddleclasswhiteman or nicewhitemiddleclasswhitewoman had DARED ask her, "What, may I ask, do you think YOU are doing?" she would have calmly replied in identical tone, "I am Xeroxing the liner notes of my cassette tape so that I can them to my nicewhitemiddleclasswhitecollegestudents for their christmas presents. And what may I ask YOU think you are doing asking me what I am doing as if I was some sort of PIRATE or something?"

Mom sucked at being a Mom but she was still an awesome Pirate in her own weird and wacky nicewhitemiddleclass way. Legally, she was doing nothing more or less than we do every time we click on a torrrent link hon TPB.


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I would personally rather commit suicide by flying my airplanes into Walmart's world trade centers than get caught shoplifting atm so I just want to say that I don't think you are a petty criminal, I think that you are a hero.

I am just a human being who loathes Walmart with a passion and has never done anything about that fact other that flap my jaw, wave signs, sing fun songs, and blow off steam by participating in pointless parades.

I am a rather shallow and silly person for not shoplifting, aren't I?


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Thank you. That's what I thought it meant. I'm not used to being allowed to choose my own preferences yet.

My favourite colour is purple. My mother thinks it should be blue because she likes the way blue looks on me better than she likes the way purple looks on me. My mother is 80+ years old and lives in a luxury retirement home because she doesn't want to live with me or leave her inheritance to me.

That is not something I am ashamed to say on Raddle, but it's weird as fuck and oddly liberating to publicly state those facts on the internet as well. :) :) :) :)


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Yea, specifically that is what I meant to type, I'm just not sure what it means yet or if I just insulted Tequila Wolf for liking sex and don't know it yet.

I've done worse dumb things on Raddle and been forgiven.

Switching from English doesn't help. I have problems with language in general, not just English in particular and majoring in English didn't help even though it was fun and I love British literature.


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I'm not sure, that's the problem.

I know I'm not poly but I have a crush on someone who told me they are and I'm curious whether it could actually work out in real fake internet crush relationship time.

I have girl crushes all the time and never stress out about whether it "works out" to have someone think your work is cool and your face is cute and deliberately read your posts on tech forums but that's a girl thing and has nothing to do with admitting that you still kinda want a boyfriend:

Does loving Liz Phair's lyrics and fantasizing about performing "Flower" in public count as "sex positive" or am I just weird and disgusting?


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Yea. Exactly. This is how I feel right now.

Feelings are not carefully thought out reasoned arguments written to cement reading quality literature during regular, peaceful, daily sessions of self-study with appropriate mentors for autodidacticism.

It just feels good to know that somewhere someone understands why you feel the way you do at a certain moment in time.



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We have three out of four in common. I'm interested in how it might work to date someone who was poly but I guess I have to own up to the fact that I'm a serial monogamist in fact but not in theory of idealistic utopia.

I would have enjoyed coparenting at least some of my children with their biological fathers if that had been in at least those particular children's best interest and not detrimental to the best interests of my other children.

That makes me a heterosexual cisgendered female, although my preferred pronouns are they/them/their and I am not overly interested in celebrity culture, fashion, makeup, etc.

I'm nonbinary but not aromantic. I just don't like sex is all.


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Welcome, KETCHUP.

I'm not crazy about computers either, but I do remember the days before the internet when people had post office boxes and paper and ink pen pals and mimeographed radical newsletters delivered in plain brown wrappers--and oh yes, subconscious, KETCHUP desreves to know that i remember records too which is what we had before those newfangled cassette tapes that we had before those newfangled CDs that we had before this newfangled Pirate Bay to download our music from and oh, being fiftyfranklymydearidon'tgiveadamn is so much fun!

If you ever want a Librebooted X60T with free as in freedom software pre-installed mailed to your PO box, that could probably be arranged.

I love your writing style. I am X-treme downwardly mobile so I "grew up in the publishing industry" in the 1970s and my late brother was well loved in the zine-o-sphere but not into writing for money.

We are a force, that we are. I'm about as unlikely an anarchist as you'd never expect to meet, online or off.

But I digress.


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I forgot to upvote you. I haven't seen you around as much lately or maybe I've not been seeing your posts because I've been spending my time on different fora just been exploring a bit of my wild side.

I hope you and yours are doing well.

I still think you are an awesome writer and a contender in the World's Greatest Olympic Champion Competetive World's Greatest Son competition if such a thing weren't too ridiculous for my own puny imagination to conceptualize.

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I don't use screenreaders either.

I hate to self-identify as legally blind. I'm not. I can't access reading glasses or bifocals and I prefer not to be illiterate and in pain all the time.

I am capitalistically blind or sociologically blind but the definition of "legally blind" is somebody who cannot, with any amount of money or social privilege, access artifical augmentation products in order to see as well as i see.

I can turn on Orca Screen Reader any time I choose to.

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Yea, the person who I thought was my friend was a Leninist. She recommended "What Is To Be Done" for someone in my situation (high-stress low-power limited money and energy for education) and I couldn't finish it after bla bla bla everybody's got problems.

Anyone who has ever been silenced by the phrase, "But that would be communism!" is going to have some sort of a kiddie krush on Marx. "That's normal" is about the amount of energy I have to devote to it atm.


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I am bored with computers atm. The question isn't whether I want to try to run Hyperbola LTS without systemd or Free-Dora cutting (not bleeding) edge with systemd, it is whether I want to waste any of the limited number of fucks I have to give on whack-a-mole with web 2.0 any more.

The web I felt dragged onto kicking and screaming during the barely remembered "Anthrax in the postal mail" scare following 9/11/01, however, was sweet and funny and helpful and amazing and brave and silly and ridiculous and heroic in its own way and will always be one of my favourite "back in the days when I was in my 30s and dinosaurs roamed the earth" bedtimestorymemorytales.

Nice to know we agree on this, heckthepolice. Great username. I was momentarily afraid you were my underaged child because he has a similar sense of humour, but he would never have used the term "Web 2.0" or walked this earth long enough to see javashit as a symptom rather than an isolated problem in itself.


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No worries. My attorney friend person thingy was online and clarified that I described blackmail.

My family is just kind of weird is all. It isn't normal to scream, "That's not a person, that's a BUM!!!!!!!!" at your three year old the first time she sees a homeless person and asks, "Why is that man sleeping on the sidewalk?" but....

That does not make the three year old child some sort of teflon saint for noticing that grownups lie for the first time ever and crying about the unfairness of the world.

Little kids are just like that.

Grownups should have better impulse control. Sorry 'bout that, Raddle, I'm working on my problem.