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My heart is going to decide ultimately, of course, but if I get a chance I'm definitely going for some sort of a pittie mix.

It's kind of fun to think that if the dog and I both live reasonably normal lifespans, I'll still have a reasonable chance of being a "forever home" but I figure if there's some sporting breed in the mix, like a lab, they're going to need more exercise and we're less likely to turn into a couple of old grumpy couch-potatoes together and die five years younger.

But I would absolutely do whatever it took to rescue a dog in need, even spend way too much money on a Labrabull when the story was "mean landlord threatening eviction", so obviously wanting and getting aren't going to happen the same week. :)

But dogs are hella cute and I haven't had one since the very early 80s so I need all the help I can get as far as researching the logistics!

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A Labrabull is my ideal dog! We always had both cats and dogs when I was a kid so it can be done. If your partners are okay with a little dog but not a big one, there are these absolutely adorable French Bulldogs at The Park that are like Pocket Pitties--same great personality, lots of energy, but they aren't THAT much bigger than a cat.

I had a lead on a little three month old girl Labrabull last Thursday but another buyer got there before me and I'm really not crazy about the idea of buying a dog.

Also I'm not ready. I need to research dog vaccines and dog food and dog training methods and stuff, and if I buy a dog that's less money I have for dog food and cute collars and dog toys.

I used to think I didn't like dogs, but it turns out I just don't like dogs that don't get enough exercise. I'm not crazy about myself when I don't get enough exercise, either, so I figure a Labrabull is going to help me remember not to let anyone convince me that I'm not worth it again.

Or if they do, at least I'll remember that my frickin' DOG is worth it!

I have fallen madly in love with pittie personality and can't even bear to imagine that my one and only last dog of my lifetime isn't going to have at least some pittie blood in them.

Unless a dog with no pittie blood needs me, of course, but that's a no-brainer.

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Depression is complicated. Sometimes people use the word to describe a feeling and other times they use it to describe an illness.

Being forceably attacked, drugged, and incarcerated for life as a punishment for feeling feelings is a horrible thing to happen to a person but it can and does happen. The mental health industry is not free from corruption.

You are a wonderful sister. You have been my honourary sister on /f/parenting and I can't imagine you being any less wonderful to a real, flesh and blood brother. He felt comfortable reaching out to you when his marriage fell apart and now you can be there for him.

It is up to him to let you know whether you can pull him out of his funk by remembering to share funny videos with him when you see them or by driving him to the emergency room or dropping by the pharmacy on the way home from work to get his prozac prescription refilled.

You didn't do anything wrong.

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There aren't many anarchists in my local town either.

I seem to do better with short but pleasant interactions. Lots of exercise helps, too, and any interactions with nature you can manage, even if it's just watering a houseplant or petting a friendly dog.

Grief affects your partner's body and the brain is part of the body. They need you to help them with short term memory things, like remembering where the car keys are, and to support them in this and remind them that they aren't crazy. There's a /f/mourning with helpful articles.

You, however, are at ground zero of your own loss. You lost your old, stable, comfortable life and it isn't fair. You deserve support too.

I'm glad you're posting here even if you haven't been able to find likeminded local community. It isn't enough, but sometimes it's all we can do for each other.

It's not nothing; it's everything.


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For places where there are no public bathrooms:

Wide mouth quart canning jars work well if you don't have a penis. If you're less sure of your aim, you can get tupperware bowls with lids. These work best when you can't find privacy. Skirts are better than pants.

If you are having digestive issues, you might want to pick up an oil change pan at the auto parts store. Most of the time you won't, since you'll be restricting liquids anyway because wide mouth canning jars aren't fun.

Tear open one of the paper bags at the grocery store, put two sheets of paper towels at the bottom of that, and put it in the oil change pan if necessary. When you're done, roll it up like a burrito.

Freezer paper isn't that expensive and it draws less attention in more upscale neighbourhoods. It looks like you're just throwing away a sandwich you didn't like. Yea, I don't like the shit sandwich life gave me either.

You want to pour out your wide mouth canning jars in a natural area if you can; urine doesn't kill grass, it makes it grow. As for shit sandwiches, I know it makes you feel like some sort of vermin, but you are acting just like a responsible dog owner and it's not as if you have any choice.

When I was working in health care, used colostomy bags and other products that were soiled with fecal matter went in the garbage. It's not fair and it's not right and of course it's setting us up for epidemics, but that's what you do.

Bodies go doo doo. When they closed down all the public bathrooms in my area because homeless people were going doo doo in them, that's what happened. Bodies don't stop going doo doo just because richwhitemen pass laws to make going doo doo a crime.


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lol, I meant that houseless folks who were sensible, intelligent, decent people but are forced to live on $500-$900 a month in their 70s in a world where there are no readily available public toilets may well live longer than houseless folks in their 70s did back in the 20th century when everybody took readily available public toilets for granted.

The article was about fecal matter getting all over public toilets and even into the hand dryers.


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paradise is exactly like where you are right now only much much better. i saw this guy on the train and he seemed to have gotten stuck in one of those abstract trances. and he was going: "ugh...ugh...ugh..." and fred said: "i think he's in some kind of pain. i think it's a pain cry." and i said: "pain cry? then language is a virus." language! it's a virus! language! it's a virus! well i was talking to a friend and i was saying: i wanted you. and i was looking for you. but i couldn't find you. i couldn't see you. and he said: hey! are you talking to me? or are you just practicing for one of those performances of yours? huh? language! it's a virus! language! it's a virus! he said: i had to write that letter to your mother. and I had to tell the judge that it was you. (it's a job.) and i had to sell the car and go to florida. because that's just my way of saying that i love you. and i had to call you at the crack of dawn and list the times that i've been wrong. cause that's just my way of saying that i'm sorry. (it's a job.) language! it's a virus! language! it's a virus! paradise is exactly like where you are right now only much much better. (it's a shipwreck. it's a job.) you know i don't believe there's such a thing as tv. i mean - they just keep showing you the same pictures over and over. and when they talk they just make sounds that more or less synch up, synch up with their lips. that's what i think! language! it's a virus! language! it's a virus! language! it's a virus! well i dreamed there was an island that rose up from the sea. and everybody on the island was somebody from tv. and there was a beautiful view but nobody could see. cause everybody on the island was screaming: look at me! look at me! look at me! look at me! paradise is exactly like where you are right now only much much better.


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The reason may be that a LOT of videos are doing that all of a sudden! Any idea why?

I just said "phuquette" and watched this one on invidious because I had to get off the computer.

She used to be pretty firm about not wanting her videos on youtube-dl, just airplay on MTV, but old age and downward mobility have a way of breaking people so let's just figure out some way I can share some really weird stuff from back in the day:

This works with Debian Stretch's version of youtube-dl:

Langue de Amour (The Language of Love) :

tl/dr: And when I do my job, I am thinking about these things because when I do my job, that is what I think about

Sharkey's Day:

tl/dr: Deep in the heart of darkest America, home of the brave-- Ha! Ha! Ha! You've already paid for this. Listen to my heart beat

Sharkey's Night:

tl/dr: And Sharkey says, "Deep in the heart of darkest America, home of the brave." He says: "Listen to my heart beat." Paging Mr. Sharkey, white courtesy telephone please....

World Without End:

tl/dr: I remember where I came from. There were burning buildings and a fiery red sea.

Let x=x:

tl/dr: know, I could burn in hell for all eternity for this and you're sending me this postcard that says, ""Thanks for showing me your Swiss Army knife. Oh and uh--Thanks for letting me autograph your cat. XXXXXOOOO." ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

We Learn to Speak Yet Another Language:

Speak my language:

tl/dr: Some people you really don't want to get too close to.


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I don't really think about it that much.

When society collapses, we won't have refrigeration, electricity, seemingly limitless supplies of hot and cold running water on demand, etc.

Nobody will "be vegan", it't be practical to eat animal products unless you are personally acquainted with the animal and they are extremely fresh.

We could always hunt down the rich and dine on their flesh if they hadn't been eating something disgusting or putting something so weird on their bodies that the entire concept turned our stomachs, and I'd definitely want some of that for my very large pack of extremely doggy dogs. :D

But other than that, the likelihood of someone like me ever attaining the wealth to survive societal collapse and come out on top as a wealthy animal owner, even if we're talking about a single chicken that might possibly lay an egg someday, simply isn't worth my time.

Even if I did manage to be THAT successful after society collapses, I'd rather invest in something that might give my heirs some hope of living in a car someday, or at least a tent or something.

But that's just me and like I said, I don't really think about it all that much.


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Your hands or your trousers?

I usually have an old dish towel handy at home, or the paper towel I used to wipe the condensation off my windshield that morning if I'm lucky enough to be able to live in Home Sweet Car, and my trousers aren't THAT dirty if I'm walking around in public in them.

Indoor plumbing is cool, don't get me wrong, but scrupulous obsessive attention to hygeine works too. Houseless folks might very well live longer without readily available public toilets for all I know.


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Yes, of course. I haven't read it in something like 45+ years so it's not surprising you don't need money or a dry place to store paperback books to read it any more.

Can you recommend any other relevant Heinlein that's in public domain?

So many of my favourite science fiction books from my childhood and early teens prepared us for the journey that will be my favourite 20-30 somethings' lives as well as the last part of my own.