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That looks great. :) I think I'm still too new to subscribe, but I'm looking forward to it further on down this road called "time".

Most of my involvement with anarchism has been afk, with a lot of supplemental reading online that probably didn't help much as far as any sort of dossier some government might have on me.

It wasn't so much that anyone "converted" me from wannabe communism and the values of a kid who woulda gone to Woodstock but I was only four as it was that the anarchists were kind to me when everybody else thought I was a piece of shit to be disposed of, so I listened to what they/you were saying and it made a lot of sense.

It's good to see drama settling down and issues being dealt with; please pardon my initial link dumpage and I look forward to settling into the community and getting to know people better in the coming days, weeks, months, whatever "time" thingy. :)


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I've just had to go on news blackout for weeks and even months at a time.

It's easier when you have a place like this where you can share links and talk about them with likeminded people. That's the only way I was able to get through the GWB years.

It gets depressing when all you want to do is blow shit up and burn shit down but you have these things called "intellect"and "conscience" so you know you can't have what you want because it wouldn't do any good.


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I'm sorry, but this corporation is simply evil. I used to have a policy that anyone I knew could ask me anything they wanted about Free Software and I would help them. I got taken advantage of a lot and many people grabbed the "free beer" from the "loser" and chucked it the minute the got paid or found warez or something.

So I stopped.

When Vista was released, I got a job scrubbing toilets and when theyt asked me to come clean spyware off their PCs I said, "I don't do windoze."

When systemd discussion devolved into ad hominems and mud slinging, I attempted to quietly retreat off of the Trisquel boards and Social Media so I could lick my wounds and try to figure out how to install Hyperbola in the privacy of my own grief.

But selfishness and retreat isn't the answer either. I feel this burning rage that I'm simply not big enough or strong enough to contain any more. I don't know what the answer is, but I think a lot of us are here on Raddle because we're trying to find out and we need to say something a bit bigger than:


I don't like it. I always wait in line for a real person. I don't even know how to use a self-checker.


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FTR, video can be streamed from just like youtube. It looks almost identical. There is a thumbnail for the person to see and if they choose to click on it, the video will begin playing.

This worked for me on Diaspora and I assume it will work here as well.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much music there is there. Also, I sometimes communicate by posting links to the lyrics or guitar tablature of a well know piece of music rather than the video that is hosted on the google data mining site that uses video streaming as a trojan horse.

It's easier if the other person isn't a musician or deeply invested in the music industry, so I don't claim to be any sort of a saint or anything, but I did want to share that is a serious alternate, free, and ethical source of media these days.


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I still felt that way on Diaspora* and had to close my account. :(

I'll pass on the armchair psychoanalysis. Some of us are simply more vulnerable to the kind of mind control and manipulation of our dopamine levels that the surveillance capitalism web like Facebook used to hurt us. We get triggered.

Raddle is not corporate. To the best of my own knowledge, we are not being deliberately manipulated to be stuck here and spend more and more time here.

We can, however, learn to recognize our own sensitivity and respect it. You are a kind presence here and a thoughtful one. Your time is not wasted. Your honest, vulnerable communication with me today has made a very positive difference in the life of one random stranger on the internet.

IMNSHO, you will be remembered and welcomed back if you need to take a break, let others deal with fixing the drama issue, and do something else for awhile.


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I was supposed to inherit "Uncle Alex's farm", which was the proceeds of the reimbursement to the owner of the land where the city of Chicago was built. He was off panning for gold at the time.

It went for taxes, medical care, retirement condos, helping me pay the lawyers for my kids' custody cases, etc. and anything that's left over is going to my parents' colleges when they die.

How do I describe over 30 years of being a usually single homeschooling full-time frequently solo always radical and nonconventional and marginalized parent who sometimes took on boring meaningless side jobs for extra cash to a 20-30 something?

I don't. I just murmer, act evasive, and talk about my iatrogtenic disabilities or how hard it is to find a job scrubbing toilets for minimum wage with this ugly face or change the subject to funny pictures of cats or ask them to help me with my computer or something.

And the world swirls by, somewhere safely outside my door......

Gramma for sale or rent Used cuddly lap for fifty cent No smartphone no pool but I've got a pet I don't smoke no cigarettes...


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It's good to have a word for it. I think it's also healthy to use the word to describe the class of elders who will never have grandchildren and people who are of biological reproductive age but for whatever reason cannot become parents.

We're animals. We have bodies. We have natural drives to procreate. Many of us have longstanding hopes and plans and dreams of a future that involved passing along knowledge, experiences, and unique family traditions to the next generation.

It hurts and I think we have a right to talk about it, laugh and cry on each others shoulders, and share what works and doesn't work for Plan B., i.e., "No, I already tried that. The neighbours thought I was a creepy pervert when I offered to babysit for free."


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I didn't get infected, but I don't think I fully understood the stigma of living with HiV in the '00s-early -'10s or that the serodiscodant relationship was altogether positive for my ex-partner. :(

We were together together for five years and off and on for another five.

I meant well but it ended badly. I can understand why someone who is poz might not want to deal with all that, especially if it is something they have had to go through repetitively.

That said, it is NEVER a good idea to assume that someone is negative. The only reason I'm saying that I am is because of years of celibacy, complete lack of interest/optimism about ever dating again, and because it is more effective writing and grammatically less awkward.


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My sisterbrotherthingy and me laughing at the normals.

Climbing out the windows of our second story bedrooms in the middle of the night to sit on the roof and giggle, then climbing down the tree and going for a walk to this fairly wooded place we called "Forgotten Forest" at 2 AM.

Playing guitars and singing very badly.

The day my sisterbrotherthingy said they were too old to play Let's Pretend with stuffed animals and little plastic dog action figure whatchamacallits, I ran downstairs as fast as I could, grabbed two pencils and a handful of looseleaf binder paper, ran back upstairs, knocked on their door and said, "I've got this great idea! Let's be famous writers when we grow up!" and person never knew I "tricked" them because we picked right up where we left off in the story the last time we played Let's Pretend, we just didn't need the toys any more.

FTR, sib did grow up to be a writer as well as a badass anticiv back-to-the-lander, and was quite loved and "famous" in their own circle of small press science fiction/fantasy zines during the late 20th century.


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I used that sh*t for years and spent a fortune on it and it didn't even work! My top teeth all fell out anyway.

I just use water or baking soda on my remaining teeth. It's the physical action of removing plaque that cleans them anyway.

I have no idea why oil pulling reduces chronic pain and I neither know nor care if it is just psychosomatic because of PTSD from @$$hole fake plastic tooth mask salesmen screaming classists pejoratives at me and literally spittiing in my face to punish me for not purchasing their overpriced and unwanted products.

/vent over