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noordinaryspider wrote

I like the idea of fire and a big barbeque and eating the rich.

I'm vegan, so of course I want my share to go to the puppy dogs and kitty cats, but I still want my share of richburgers at the bbq.

See you there. :D


noordinaryspider wrote

Friday again, huh?

I'm still here. Thinking about a future without my ex-family and I fell in love. It's a piece of undeveloped property and I don't want to develop it, I just want to see if I can stay there for awhile.

It might happen. My friend has a trailer we can park on it if he wants to help me and it looks like all we would have to do to convince the authorities that we were developing it because real estate bulls and bears and bears and bulls and real estate investment bullshit would be to lay some pipe.

I'm old. My body is so trashed right now I'm not 100% sure I'm not going to drop dead this week, but if I could get a young person to help me lay the damned pipe this might just work.

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Hey, that would be like Rodney Coronado and ALF in microcosm. I'd love to liberate a puppy and keep him if I could take care of a puppy.

I have ethical issues about rescuing single pet shop victims with money and perpetuating the whole "puppy mill" system but if you're saving an animal from an abusive system that values money more than the puppy's life, you are NOT kidnapping, you are rescuing an innocent victim without giving in to terrorists.

Look, i have no business being here upvoting and clapping the way I do and I've been honest about that. You Robin Hoods have been indoctrinated so deeply that sometimes I just can't resist poking my nose where it doesn't belong and saying:

No. You are not the troublemakers, the corporations are. You are the heroes. Your actions may be small, but they are real direct action that has a small impact while all my philosophizing and hand wringing has NO impact.

That is why I am moralizing. In this case, stealing is GOOD for the puppy, good for the puppy's new person, and the only harm done is the right where it's going to hurt the puppy's abusers the most.

'Nuff said. has anybody ever successfully lifted a puppy and can I listen in?


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That is pretty amazing. It probably wouldn't be there this fast if I was still running (my mouth without noticing that everybody ignored me and thought I was batshit crazy when i talked about how much I liked) Trisquel.

Yay new(ish) old software?

Oh well. Whatever. It's normal crazy anyway at least for a hobbyist who doesn't like hobbies.


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"Stop complaining and vote" does not make logical sense and sounds like victim-blaming and silencing the voices of people who have genuine issues.

Can I try to explain?

Does everybody in the State of California need to STFU? People in the State of California were certainly allowed to vote after Donald Trump had already won enough electoral votes in the East Coast of the United States of America for it to be rational to believe that Donald Trump would be the new President of the United States of America before most normal Californians were able to leave their normal jobs, smoke their normal pipes, drink their normal martinis, and get ready to go to their normal polling places.

All these normal people in their normal lives in their normal California homes in their normal United States of America might have felt a bit glum. They might have decided to express their emotions by voting for Hilary Clinton, but the normal people in their normal California in their normal United States of America knew that expressing their feelings could not change reality.

Some of these normal people might have chosen to express their normal feelings by checking the normal box for "none of the above" or "write-in candidate". That is normal. Feelings are normal. Maybe it made the normal people feel better to check that box and write "Donald Duck" instead of checking the box for Hilary Clinton.

Feelings are normal. The normal people expressed their normal feelings normally. They knew that Donald J. Trump was going to be the next president of the United States of America no matter how they felt about it.

Some people who aren't normal might have stayed home, gotten drunk, sucked their thumbs, had sex, or done other non-normal-people things because that made their feeling stop hurting faster than voting for Hilary Clinton would have.

I think the normal people have a right to feel feelings even if they voted for Donald Duck instead of Hilary Clinton. I think the not-normal people have a right to feel their not-normal feelings too.

Feeling feelings isn't a crime. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America. This makes some people feel feelings. I do not believe that anyone has the right to tell somebody else what feelings they are allowed to feel.

I genuinely believe that I talk too much so I am going to shut up after I say one more thing:

If you are a citizen of the United States of America and you didn't vote, I don't hate you and you can complain to me all you want.


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I believe that all you actually have to do is download the .deb as a file, extract it, and do whatever you Arch smartpeople do to make drivers work and other things that smartpeople do on Arch to use information in a .deb or .rpm to reconstruct the relevant info from the source code (.tgz) that smartpeople would rather have downloaded in the first place.

I used to use Slack in the early '00s and enjoyed an Arch derivative for a few months this year, so I obviously don't have a clue what I'm talking about. ;)

Take care and enjoy Arch. No way have I given up on it, I just have personal problems right now. I'll be interested in Gnu/Linux again someday.


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Update: Thank you. The backstory is in "homeless" here:

The best help I've gotten has been on this shoplifting thread, though. That doesn't make any sense but it's still true.

The best I can figure is that yesterday was my mother's birthday so bla bla bla if I tore my own heart to shreds to try to tell you the truth I'm just going to look crazier and crazier so I think I'd rather just talk about movies or gaming or something and say....welll.....

Thanks for saving my life. It didn't do a damned bit of good and nothing you could ever do would change anything that even remotely matters, but thanks anyway.


See you in some holding cell somewhere or something unless you're an AFAB on your period and I hand you a box of tampons for no good reason or something.


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That's a wonderful choice on your part ethically. I think you could spend less money and increase the good you are doing by making different choices than those corporations (Google and Netflix) but somebody else is going to have to help you with that.

You have a great day.


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I'd be interested in learning more about Bandcamp if you feel like talking.

I bought a musician's right pinky toenail or something (David Rovics CSA[1]) but I could never figure out how to actually turn my money into music. I don't feel guilty supporting him one bit and he answers fanmail and is both fun and respectful. Of course I'm going to continue donating to the guy and scraping with youtube-dl, torrenting, and everything else I'd normally do because pirating a pirate who approves of, is aware of, and understands your piracy is just NOT a problem.

I would love any advice on getting my music that was offered with the CSA, of course. :)

He uses Bandcamp and Dropbox and I'm kind of a purist when it comes to software (FSF member[2]), but since I've got Boring Old Vanilla Debian on this thing, it's not a technical/piracy issue at all.

[1] [2]


noordinaryspider wrote

I would be the same way if I had stability. :)

Even a house that looks like the worst episode of that hoarders' teevee show doesn't seem to be enough. I'm kind of stranded here on Earth so I do have to download most of my books but somehow I'm always able to come up with replacement royalty fees for authors who are down on their luck.

The fact is, the people who write the books get the exact same royalty check whether you got their book after hours of fun browsing through the dollar bins at the used bookstore or clicking on a link at the Pirate Bay:

They don't get jack shit.

So yea, I download because I allegedly "can't" pay new book prices by society's standards.

That's why I CAN pay new book prices if it's a book I really need and can't get any other way and I am ALWAYS able to scrape up some sort of a donation for a favourite and beloved author with an unexpected health/financial emergency.

I know. It's a weird-ass way to live and you just have to accept people shaking their heads and saying, "wtf?!?!?!" a lot.

It's a book geek thang.

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I was actually very much interested in communism this time last yearish and I might be interested in the future. You don't scare me at all, anarcho-nihilism just makes more sense to describe my own private hell right now.

Please stay. If I had the power to have your back, I would. I do want to listen even though I simply cannot access that part of my brain at the present time.


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If you know anyone who can tell me more about the squat behind the mall that would be helpful. Preferably online or phone. I need to be able to ask questions, answer questions, and then just get out when I've had enough.

If that's not possible, it's okay. I'll just wait until I'm ready or until I can't. If they tell me it's time to go I'm going to put on my backpack. I'm going to walk out the door. I'm going to go down to the Bayshore Mall. Behind the Bayshore Mall there is a squat. I am going to go to the squat. Then I will be safe.