noble_pleb wrote (edited )

Saidit gives me the Reddit PTSD.

All social networks tend to attract trolls once they get large enough but there are some decent folks out there too. In the digital world, its you who must learn to develop an thick skin and block trolls just as you block spam in emails.

I don't know why they had to copy the entire Reddit design.

The copied the original open source reddit design which is fully open source. Originally, Reddit was open source until it became proprietary in 2018. When such a thing happens, something called "forks" develop in the FOSS world which are just copies of that code which can be further developed as FOSS projects on their own. Saidit is just a Reddit fork.

Have you tried Ruqqus? They seem to have a good privacy policy too. I'm all for Raddle but we don't want Raddle to become another Reddit, right? Choices is the way of the open source and free culture since eternity.