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swerf and red fash.

The organisation they promote charge 600€ for a workshop + whatever the logistics cost them and their website isn't even secure. They are also linked with the moderate (liberal conservative) party and their divisions on facebook.


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Nothing is fair so you need to stop thinking that way, look at your situation and see if it's working for you or not. It's obvious that it isn't.

Now let's talk about him because he's a bunch of red flags.

The fact that it started as "It's only fair, I get the money for free." and now he doesn't think so, is a tactic to appear generous and hiding the fact he is going to use that to make you feel guilty. If I understand well, he brought you to his job and split the money with you and call that getting you a job? And then he wants you to pay for his own shit.

Save yourself from that already doomed relationship.


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Was going to reply to your last comment but you have deleted it. So here is my reply.

If someone sells nudes that is them giving their consent for u to use nudes as u wish.

Since when?

You are against policing about personal property yet you put so much worth into a contract...


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I for one have worked extremely hard to get to where I am & I don’t even have that much to my name.

So your entire point is "i have busted my ass so everyone should struggle just like i did"

You complain about the "every kid gets a trophy" yet your whole thing is "nobody gets trophy because i didn't got any".

Others have went about your landlord loving shit so I won't bother with that part. You can go back to your "shoplifting" forum, where most members are garbage like you.


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I get that you want to give back but things aren't equivalent and you should never give with the expectation to get something back. You shouldn't feel the need to help someone that lies and verbally abuses you just because they help you out before.

At this point I have no idea if you should reach to the other victims because it sounds like it could put you in danger.

Taking what I assume to be suggestive pictures of random people is far more than a sexual addiction.


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theyve been doing it for years.

they are supposed to see a therapist soon

they find the event hard to talk abt

Weird how they can't talk about their action yet have no problem doing them. Unfortunately I doubt they will see a therapist and even if they do, it doesn't guarantee progress.

when he gets so defensive i get scared and is such an adamant liar

He has gotten verbally abusive w me before on several occasions

Too many red flags. Personally, I would get out of that relationship.


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Might want to update your reading list:


in a circle gay gang bang, who is the most gay?