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Yes, that post was a bit "over the top," but the important issue is that the poster wants to be a thief and basically wants (needs!) some advice. There are a lot of young people on this forum and we should be encouraging them, not making fun of them......


nighttimeartwork wrote (edited )

I understand that it is her house etc., but I do think that at 16 she should be respecting the privacy of your room.

And having read some of your other posts about your activities, as a parent I would be giving you as much encouragement as possible.

Happy stealing and stay safe!


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Clothing will often have an RFID tag sewn into a seam. If you find a label like this:

then that is what set off the alarm.

These tags have to be de-activated by the cashier when you are paying :(

Or cut out / cut through by you when you are stealing :)