nighttimeartwork wrote

I'm not so sure that this is a good idea.

I see from another of your posts that you do illegal graffiti (which I prefer) - do you have more than one style? It's just that if one of your illegal pieces really looks like the piece you want to do at school, then it could make it kind of easy to track you.......

Anyway, stay safe!


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nighttimeartwork wrote (edited )

Although I support any kind of stealing, I have to say that this idea is:

1: fucking stupid

2: a great way to get diabetes


On the other hand, I love your "fuck you" attitude.



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Yes, that post was a bit "over the top," but the important issue is that the poster wants to be a thief and basically wants (needs!) some advice. There are a lot of young people on this forum and we should be encouraging them, not making fun of them......


nighttimeartwork wrote (edited )

I understand that it is her house etc., but I do think that at 16 she should be respecting the privacy of your room.

And having read some of your other posts about your activities, as a parent I would be giving you as much encouragement as possible.

Happy stealing and stay safe!


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nighttimeartwork wrote (edited )

Underage shoplifting = great! :-)

Underage stealing alcohol = awesome! :-)

Underage walk-out with a cart full of alcohol = dodgy as fuck in so many ways :-(