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Well written Tequila_Wolf. Good response to get us all thinking.

Everything we build must be built with others, and at least in my case the people I build with have vastly different backgrounds and ideas and beliefs to me, even as we have some important affinities politically. A portfolio of self-organizing affinity-minded projects . With a loose horizontal overseeing organization.

So my simplistic takeaways are

  • Use Direct Action when it can best be effective. But may have only short-term impact depending on the circumstances.
  • Building a mesh network of affinity-minded communal groups is an important step going forward.
  • Anarchy is always an answer :-)

Are we becoming the change that we seek today?


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I saw management's discomfort in being unable to handle probing questions and resort to thin skating. Employees patiently waited months for answers only for vague generalities to be sprouted in return. Can resistance be slowly building?


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But it’s not the “bandits-and-railroads” phase of the Pinkertons’ history that most soured the firm’s reputation in the American public eye. Between 1877 and 1892, the Pinkertons were involved in 70 labor union strikes—including some of the biggest and most consequential of the Gilded Age. After Allan Pinkerton’s death in 1884, his sons William and Robert took over, and they doubled down on the project of providing what capitalists and industrialists needed in their struggles with labor. Pinkerton detectives infiltrated labor unions under cover of secrecy, and reported on their activities to employers; Pinkerton guards, acting as visible muscle, protected company property during strikes. The Pinkertons also provided strikebreakers (aka scabs) to fill in for companies when union workers walked out and protected those strikebreakers while they were working.

In a few instances, the Pinkertons killed people while clashing with strikers.


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Sometimes it is the devil you know. I never had a reddit phase and came straight here . Lurked for a while. And now posting. If reddit has other forums besides /r/anarchism I like, I could see someone staying there rather than hitting a second site.

So you try to push content in different places so they find you.Or somehow determine what they see as lacking in raddle. (Surveymonkey?)

Also cherish the ones that are here. (Coming from an abundance rather than a scarcity perspective(We mostly play nice together. If it is meant to happen, more people will move over in good time.