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I have some thoughts on this too.
There’s not a lot I appreciate about imageboards, and I think the design is fatally flawed, however one of the positive things about a text and image based platform is that it really does encourage replying(to its detriment 99% of the time in he case of ‘chans’ though it can occasionally be a good place for discussion). My dream raddle is one that is more similar to a forum and less similar to reddit. Bringing in the ‘bump’ mechanism of both imageboards and forums would (in my naive opinion) increase the dialog and general interaction on this site. Also cultivating a culture of discussion here would likely be a positive improvement.

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This is an important point that I think I’ve missed in many of my conversations on the topic. Sure they could be exposed to misogyny and violence but if I am around to see it or am aware of the situations in the game we can discuss it as well.

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Thank you, I will do that. I’ve been really feeling that alienation recently. My partners mom just died and now, because she is going through her own shit I don’t really have anyone to lean on. I’ve really been trying to meet folks in this town but everyone I’ve met through political action is a tankie.