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  1. I am interested in making the world a better place, and I yearn for a fairer world, one where people help people, and one country doesn't have the right to go and invade others for fun, and where there is no such thing as class.
  2. Yes, I've been wondering. In /w/free-speech, it says that "Actual anarchist principles of course include direct action, mutual aid, taking a strong stance against authority in all its guises, as well as freedom of association." But since taking a strong stance against authority is an anarchist principle, does that mean we have to take a strong stance against the moderators and the administrators of this site? And, since anarchism rejects all forms of hierarchy, then why is there a hierarchy of users-mods-admins on this site? (sorry these questions sometimes keep me up at night, and, I'm not new, I'm just silent).
  3. I'm still on the way. I listened to US propaganda when I was younger, now I know it's mostly lies. I did have a turning point from right to left, I think I felt that the community suits me more.
  4. No, not yet. I'm still on my way, i.e. choosing to be an anarchist, or communist, or syndicalist, I'm not sure yet.

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Seems that they're just listening to all reports. Apple is getting sued for not removing telegram (you read that right) by some folks who are pissed that Parler was removed so I think that Telegram is currently trying to get into tip-top shape. Besides, they removed a lot of fascists as well iirc.


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Yeah for sure, but it needs to be a badge next to their username on posts/comments.

I believe that works too

if it's on their profile, no one will see it. People are constantly asking how to donate to me even tho the donation info is on my profile bio. I think the bio doesn't catch the eye, or maybe people just don't know to click usernames to see profiles.

tf really?


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I was thinking that having the users whitelist status visible to all whitelisted users would be a good idea, so people can see if the account is a spam account or if it's normal. I can understand if this feature will not be implemented, though.


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Phew. Maybe. It turns out that some of them actually like this website? The others call themselves "natsoc".