n_n wrote (edited )

When political movements or leaders adopt population control as a central concern … let’s just say it never goes well. In practice, where you find concern over “population,” you very often find racism, xenophobia, or eugenics lurking in the wings. It’s almost always, ahem, particular populations that need reducing.

If your concern is the creation of new consumers and emitters, your gaze should be drawn to those who will consume and emit the most, i.e., the wealthy.

Population is a factor in environmental impact but is the least influential part.. The problem is the over overconsumption in wealthy countries.. Here in Latin America the wealthy capitalists are imposing forced sterilization in indigenous people backed by the eugenic myth of overpopulation, as I said. And by promoting that myth you are also accomplice.

I want to hear what u/Tequila_wolf and u/Ziq, who shared the article that you posted, have to said about this.