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I’d say depends on your store because some places truly don’t give a damn. I used to run self check where I worked for years and when people would lift I turned a blind eye to it. That being said, after a few good years of lifts from various Walmart I was apprehended by someone who claimed to be AP/LP, don’t remember which. This was about a month ago and I haven’t been into any Walmart since because that experience really shook me.

TL;DR version: even if you haven’t been caught yet, there is a chance they might be building a case against you. Be safe.


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The same thing happened to me (kinda) the other day minus using self check. Coming from a former self check employee I literally wasn’t getting paid enough to care and would let people get away with it…but there’s always that ONE employee who gets a thrill from catching someone lifting. I had a run in with LP not long ago except this time I’d been caught storing the goods on my person. Luckily I pushed them away (without using much force) and got away but I’m worried next time I might not be so lucky. Be careful out there.


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I didn’t really use force, basically tried to escape her grasp on me and then made a run for it. I’m going to check my local crime stoppers page and definitely not going to show my face at this Walmart (or any) for a while. Ty for your advice!