myfencefrank OP wrote

Yall are annoying like for one class traiter is hilarious ]apparently dude Is a big time label marketer 1. And 2. I can get fake i.ds/socials or junkies who will do it for cheap I live in l.a. I just need to fully cross over to darkness anyone have any good DM suggestions for forums similar to illegalism w/o all the condescending moralizing prick shit


myfencefrank OP wrote

Dude all the time I see normal looking kids (non junkies, mid twenties) with the gallon black trash bags at a fence cashing out, and it's filled to the top. Since 2014 I think there's a law where we can't be touched. Unless it's an off duty cop which often it's not. And no police bother to come in today's street climate here. With unemployment so high and moral in gov/Corp ect so low I think boosting is at an all time high. I know atleast one 99 cent store and marshal is shutting down because the shrinkage think. Some security guards will even turn an eye if they get a break off