mustard wrote

sometimes i feel like people are content with computer science and shoplifting frm walmart that they don't really care about burning it all down and maybe they will steal my truck like they pissed init:/ stop


mustard wrote

i don't think climate change has to be so scary. it's the continual wars and slavery that cause me misery. the shit is bad and i wouldn't dress it up in glitter but teh children's wants astory to believe. we can tell a living legacy, showing someway somehow .some pragmatic ambition, to choice. because soon it will be now again and Thefuture is next after that What will it be? i wouldn't pretend to know, but envisioning a coarse is important as infinite source; dreams desires intuition adventure,
conscious conception coalescing in critical yearning mass there is hope in a breath, in a day, in a dream merrily merrily merrily