mustard wrote

catbirds! yes! i was just thinking about 'em dis mornin.

on wednesday i'd eaten some potent cyanescens, ran around climbing trees and tasting the sweet fruits. then, at night i walked through the woods to the lake and sat to smoke when i heard a very strange sound. what kind of bird are you !? i said. themn a big splash in the water. What was that! i thought i was being Catfished! haha very funny1 i know you're out there! and the bird noise was getting weirder, sounding several times and another big splash. Then i saw the silhoutte of a big Owl in the tree behind me but i think there were two, and another splash! it was Beaver, out there in front of me and Owls just behind me. awesome. then, the next day i was collecting my tent which had sat quiet for the past couple months in the forest. and i was surrounded by like 30 little chirping birds of various colours and voices, like being in one of those aviaries at the zoo.pretty cool. Osprey has been eyeing the kitten but she's smart and sees them up there . often the Heron is standing on the dock in the early morning. also seen an unusual amount of those awesome red-headed woodpeckers lately, and flickers. thats my bird sightings for the week. cheers!


mustard wrote

Hi, i,m new here so to speak , don't really like the computer much but , seeing people's politics-artisticulated I feel like they're kindred spirits of a likeness that can be rare. written words and drawings have been so influential , being equipped with thestory as offered by so many of us, I'd like to reciprocate by contributing mines -gratis. But i,m typing on a phone right now so maybe tomorrow or next saturday.

I punched a Nazi on fridY. Right in the face! Then I cried. And picked about 25 lbs. Of Hazelnuts before being verbally/emotionally attacked by another even more fashy nazi to whom I responded with a confident sarcasm and non-violente. I got a new truck. A '90 Toyota 4 cylinder so spent yesterday mashin up in the mountains and just sitting by the river. Thanks , team. We are a force!