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i think that there is a little square tag on a back page that looks like a QR code.

the reason i am assuming this is because at my library, they have security towers. when you go to check out a book, they dont have to scan the barcode, only place it over an automatic checkout. this is where the little square tag comes in. if it isnt activated by the auto checkout system, the security towers rings. but you can peel it off and walkout with a free book forever without overdue fines. im not saying do this to a library im just suggesting the fact that B&N might use it too. (this is all an assumption)

anyhow, check for tags on books or those little lego packs


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never ever shoplift from target. just dont. target is a deathwish for jail or some other punishment.

also, why is this post downvoted by three?


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depends on the location and where you live. if you live in big downtown areas, (Seattle, LA, NY) garage doors and building sides are your best bet. since i live in the surburbs, those electrical boxes, fences, and mailboxes is what i tag.

if you are a big art person, you should go to legal areas, chill spots, abandoned places, etc. im more of a bombing, tagging person who wants to get things done in a minute or less.

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im here to discuss how to rack spray paint and also sit back and watch stuff unfold