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Over the u/curious incedent, from my understanding, people were upset at me for downplaying the hurt caused by a transphobe in favor of asking Galdra to not use slurs/KYS.

They are upset at me for needlessly mocking/strawmanning primitivists through memes.

They are upset at me for speaking out of line on trans and sex work issues. All of that I understand.

I have no anarchists/leftists that I talk to apart from the reddit sphere. My understanding of anarchy has come from reddit. I know that many of you consider reddit toxic and liberal/apologetic. That is where my anarchist education has come from, along with books much older than myself, leaving me unknowledgeable about some subjects. I also abstain from social media and do not interact with other leftist LGBT folk often. I was and am learning. I know my mistakes. I have apologised to Galdra on every occasion-- I do not often see eye to eye to her, but will never again speak down to her (or speak of "concerns").

Lurking through old threads did leave me wondering about Raddle, but again, I was not there. I just wanted to know what was up with the alts. And yes. I made one myself. I made it because I wanted to be seen as my "true self", moving on from the cishet label mouse had, as I recently discovered within myself that it is not who I am. But I was still an asshole. If I ever post on raddle again, it will be in a much more controlled, quiet, and respectful manner. I do not want to make anyone unsafe.


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Okay. This makes sense.

Look, I may be back one day, maybe with this account, maybe not, and try to be better. I know you all don't really want me around as I currently am.

Until then, I would like to apologise to you particularly. I'm sorry for... Really everything. I'm sorry. Logging off now. My intention was never to troll or be a reactionary.


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Everything I said to Galdra was bad. It wasnt my intention to troll, I actually did have concerns, I was uneducated.

But I'm not a troll. I tried to come back with u/curious to start over, because I do enjoy some of raddle, but got caught in the same shit. And hey, yeah, I made a second account, but you have like 5 and they're all active at the same time. Jesus


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anddd theres my point. Dont you see why raddle is down to like 30 active users? It was a brilliant idea to create it but goddamn y'all are great at pushing newcomers or anyone you see as different away. CompleteAnarchy has similar demographics in terms of ability/sexuality/gender/race but they don't harass the users who are in the minority on the sub. raddle is actually giving me fuckin nervous breakdowns and that's ridiculous. Anarchism is one of the best things to happen to my life and I don't want to get to the point where I'm questioning that. Maybe one day I'll be back, until then have fun with your letterbombs


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Nothing now because this website is turning me into an anxious wreck.

Gonna go hang out in r/COMPLETEANARCHY until raddle is over it's edgy prim phase

Everyone on the site wholly devoted to seperatism, then wonders why the community is dying and almost dead apart from r/shoplifting, most of whom aren't even anarchist.


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The fact that Wikipedia shows memes as its tag images for AnPrim was the joke


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I'm overweight tho lol

On a serious note, I have recently been actually researching green anarchy lately but it's still so ridiculous. On one hand, you have people saying that humans were "superior" physically in prehistory, which can only be read to me as some bastardization of regressionist eugenics, and on the other hand people are telling me I'm fatphobic and think that some humans are superior to others.

Can't greens laugh at themselves just a little bit? Yeah I get that I uploaded a bunch in one day, I pretty much just googled "anprim memes" and chose the best ones. if you uploaded memes teasing mutualism or nihilism or anything else I identify with, I'm not going to freak out and act like it's an attack because ideologies aren't identities.

Sorry I'm not "revolutionary" enough for you because I don't want the Unabomber to sit on my face.

I get where primmies are coming from, seeing as humans were more "equal" in some ways before social hierchy was started through agriculture, civilization, etc. But come on guys... Let's analyze what we really want and since this is a meme page... Loosen up a bit? Look, I wasn't trying to be fatphobic or sexist, I know where those implications are coming from. But if you're anti-civ, you have to realize that people who are naturally disadvantaged in a literal hunt-gather environment are not going to be valued by the group.


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no becasue language leads to communication. communication leads to thought. thought leads to learning. learning leads to farming, farming leads to agriculture, and agriculture leads to society. they are just animalistic noises with no meaning.