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Best way to get it is to find a store that is dead and look into an empty lane act like your throwing something away since they usually have trash cans there, the rolls should be underneath the registers.


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For the apprehensions we did the ban was for a whole year and that includes the parking lot.

Now if you do show your face it depends on AP, if you fought with them then yes police will be called bit if the app went easy we will hope that you steal again if not we'll just ask you to leave.

Stores does have an intel stream where AP will post pictures regarding thefts occuring in the stores so the 10-15 mile radius is correct and it maybe more depending on how big is the district. Also the ban is specific to that store only so when you get trespassed by police they can enforce it.

Now regarding the amounts usually it is the boosters who will become "Alerts" which means the stores will be on high alert for certain individuals who tend to take certain items for resale. Habitual shoplifters become easier to apprehend because we know more about them so keep your lifting sporadic.


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We don't usually see people using S3 devices.

Depending on the game we will do counts on them usually the popular games when they come out.

Target does share intel within the district by using Yammer which is a corporate version of twitter.

All kinds of intelligence is being leverage including vehicle info like make/model/plates/color.

Also we share pictures of the subjects so make sure you aint wearing the same things while lifting because I will recognize you based on your shoes, jacket or tattoos.

Fixed camera's have a retention of 30 days so we can do a motion search of the area to see if anyone has been there recently so the longer it has been the harder it is to find the person


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It depends in the staff of electronics most of the time you have people there that don't care but if you have AP that actively works with them the staff will tend to notice missing items.

Now we do daily counts on high theft items using those cellphone devices called Zebras.

Any good AP will keep tabs on popular video games and electronics that may go missing


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No facial recognition at all, one of the directives they have is to have constant surveillance of the subject and once it is broken you have to re-establish concealment unless the AP guy is a cowboy and is willing to risk their job then you should be good.

also they are not suppose to go beyond the curb they can get written up or put on final if that happens same thing with fitting rooms you can take advantage of the softlines people being lazy to be able to conceal.

As long as you keep it sporadic and not make it a habit of doing the same things you should be good.


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You should be good since Target is at it's most vulnerable while doing their black friday events, just make sure you do it when the cabinets and cases are open and there is a rush of people going out.

Also make sure that when walking out the store the merchandise is not visible either conceal it or have large target bags to cover the whole thing up.


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It would be high priority due to the dollar amount, in AP they have TIC logs (Theft Identification Counts) which makes easier to spot high theft items being stolen.

Also the still shot camera's have 30 day retention and the PTZ have around 5 days due to bandwith usage

If you get away with it you'll be alright just don't come back a week later and try the same thing. also it helps if you park in a neighboring store or far in the back of the parking lot so it will make it harder to identify you so don't wear the same jackets, shoes because you'll be surprised on how many people was apprehended due to those reasons.


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For the black friday event, AP is instructed to be "guest service" 100 percent.

They only thing they will focus on is receipt checks and crowd control no AP stuff they can't even do apprehensions. sometimes they will tell them to provide presence in high theft areas

By the time a package is found they will check camera's but it will be already too late as long as you hid the package well.


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Depends on the store, some stores with shitty teams are easy to steal from every district has one of them due to the turn over rate of the AP team

Generally it is not worth stealing it but there are ways to get around them due to the directives they have to follow