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I've caught up with shadow slave, and am reading primal hunter. Both of them are system apocalypse progression fantasies / litrpgs. Shadow slave is really good!


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Is it in this contexte?

I know it's part of american culture to try to make words taboo but I'm not impressed with mods ignoring the rest of the sentece and reacting like a bot just because they saw a trigger word.

I agree with moderating in when commenters are attacking the intelligence of other people ("you're stupid") and can understand the moderation when stupid is used as an adjective to express general disagreement without engaging in a more thought-out/ respectful response ("your idea is stupid") wich can be interpreted as a microagression towards the abilities of the interlocutor but in the case of "stupid" is just used as an exageration ("stupid big" which is synonym to "stupefyingly big").

Not directed to you in particular but I find that recently raddle moderators have been a little overzealous in their moderation of words instead of meanings, in which case everyone will soon just use silly as a workaroud synonym like people do on tiktok.

Or is there a big difference between "stupid" (english) and "stupide" (french), and I'm missing some huge cultural context?


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noone else would be so fucking insular as to brag about such trash.

Japanese and korean media has "bonding" over cup noodles which is equally as frustrating. I've seen more than once the MC making the FMC litterally orgasm by eating his shitty store bought noodles mixed with water. Maybe it's on me for reading trash though.


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You know you're 1 only one person out of 8 093 825 000. do what you want. you're the only one who gives a fuck and in 50 years everyone will have forgotten everything about you anyways.

maybe I should just kill myself so the world can be better off without me

Please take a politician with you if you ever do it :D


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I've used up my 250g of un-throttled internet for the month, now I need to touch grass or only visit text websites.


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Bordelaise sauce: fry 1c minced mushrooms, blend them. Make a roux (fry 2tbsp flour in 2tbsp oil until it's golden), add 1c red wine, salt pepper to taste cook until thick. Serve on a winter meal.

bechamel: Make a roux (fry 2tbsp flour in 2tbsp oil until it's golden), add 1c soymilk, 2tbsp nutritional yeast, a pinch of cardamom powder. Serve on carbohydrates or green peas.

vinaigrette: 1/3c vinegar (I prefer balsamic or brown), 1/3c sunflower oil, 1/3c olive oil, 1 tbsp mustard, lots of salt and pepper (it will be the sole salt/pepper). If you make it in a jar you can mix by shaking. serve on cold food, or potatoes.

I like to add a tsp of sugar to my tomato sauce.


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If the kids aren't born they don't suffer, and their children won't suffer, and the children's children and so on. It's turning infinity into 0 and makes the utilitarian equation glitch.

The perfect negative utilitarian answer to any problem would be to simply nuke the world, bringing don future generations suffering to zero, forever.