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does the old woman know she's indirectly hurting me? Maybe I could talk to her and tell her that I'm really sorry and I don't want to break her knees but it's really difficult for me to run over children day in day out.


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[vegan people's goal is] to end the animal agriculture industry through boycotting it's products.

Not quite. I'm vegan because I can't stand to not be vegan. And I do vegan proselytism because I can't stand to not do it. this discussion on raddle goes deeper on the subject iirc. The discussion in our vegan forum is pretty high quality in general imo, even thought the discussions from a few years ago have been drowned out :)

However, I too am annoyed by the people who define veganism only as a dogmatic checklist of things you can do, things you can eat, things you can't. If you don't think about consequences of what you do and never adjust yourself to different situation, you're not practicing veganism but just following a new-age religion.

Arguably, and this is a hot take, only animal right activists are truely vegan, the rest of us are just plant based and do not do enough for the animals to claim ourselves vegan.


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yeah I won't blame you, nobody is perfect and I low-key do appreciate having an easy vegan option in a pinch or when I eat out with friends who are kinda fragile. But there's no need to do the megacorp's advertising for them.


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I can read instructions manuals without getting bored lol.

I don't have any other exclusive skill, but I have enough technical knowledge so that I can troubleshoot, make and repair stuff much more easily than someone off the street. Like cars, boilers, home appliances...


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No you're missing the awesome sci-fi part!

In noisebob's article, the bacteria feed on H2 and CO2 to produce biomass (and O2), without the need for sunlight or anything else (H2 is highly reactive and produces enough energy for the bacteria to live when it's "digested" by the bacteria)

H2 is made with water and electricity.

So in my sci-fi solarpunk dream, CO2 it's extracted from the air while water electrolysed in order to produce H2, both of those then get turned into biomass by the bacteria, which then gets turned into w/e by GMO yeast.