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The roots are the organs the plants use to eat. Plants don't have organs for pain.

Projecting only goes so far. Plants aren't animals and don't follow the same biology. Plants do tons of cool stuff, but don't feel pain. It's impossible.


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I was vegan for 5 years and started eating oysters and mussels, because I learned that my veganism is not the dogmatic avoidance of everything animal but the dogmatic avoidance of causing suffering.


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because studies on animals pain and emotion in general still fairly new

There's no need for studies, it's pretty obvious that animals feel pain and plants don't, you just don't want to look at the facts. And if you've suddenly become a science worshipper, well there actually are studies.

And still at point where human workers involved, who also definitely feel pain whether slaughter or pick or transport.

Workers get PTSD working at slaughterhouses. They don't get PTSD picking vegetables. Again, you're just giving yourself excuses.


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Give up entering the local job market then.

If you really want a job just move away, if you really want to stay where you are right now, don't get a job.


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Thou could always try switching to pipewire, it worked out of the box for me


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  • go analog: buy a pack of fireworks

  • put an apple airtag synced to their phone (or the amazon version) in your pocket? it's a bluetooth tracker so not connected to internet iirc??

risk of data selling and abuse

what is it that you're scared of? if you have a mobile phone you're pretty much compromised, so you could simply share your coordinates on google maps or facebook messenger in real time using your phone gps. If you don't want to share your coordinates with the american government u can share it with the chinese instead by using wechat.