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Welcome to raddle, usually there are 2 types of drama here

  1. some new fascist troll or earnest tankie joins and for a week or so the regular users argue with them until the new user gets banned or bored
  2. conflict between regular users, sometimes someone gets banned or deletes their account

In this case it was #2. We lost a few active users (whom I generally liked and respected) along including years of their posts and conversations. I don't think it's our business to rehash the details though


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Determining that these exams were “unfair,” the judge ordered Juntendo University to pay about 8 million yen ($62,546) in emotional damages to the ex-applicants, on the grounds that concealing this gender-based criterion infringed the women’s freedom to consider whether they should apply to the school.

so the discrimination wasn't the problem? just that they didn't disclose it???


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Collapse is making me feel increasingly distressed. "I thought we had more time", "sooner than expected", you know how it is. I moved alone to a new city and was excited about building my life here, but if shit's going to hit the fan soon, I would rather go through it with my loved ones. I miss my family.


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Honestly I hope "the movement" migrates to /r/workreform. That's what the majority of the new users on /r/antiwork were there for anyways. Let the liberals salivate over managers who aren't assholes, $20 minimum wages, 4-day work weeks there instead.


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I can relate to your confusion bc this video style was very unexpected and strange to me.

The author is kind of using Bo Burnham's press interviews and movies to guide this discussion. I posted this a week ago (my bad) and this video is also very long but the points I do remember were

  • social media/similar platforms are designed to be addicting
  • for younger people who have always had this tech in their lives, phones and the internet have become an extension of self and a large part of their social lives are on the internet
  • nowadays, people are able to go viral/become famous much easier
  • and a lot of people aspire to have that kind of attention, performing online in an attempt to achieve this
  • part of having an online life comes with the anxiety of always being seen, potentially by the entire world
  • older people who didn't always have this tech, so they don't experience the internet in the same way
  • so parents/legislators/etc don't have the context to see this problem or act to stop it