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Cuba is social democracy, without the democracy.

Also, Marxism does not mean everyone is equal. It's a method of analysis not dogma or principles that have to be learned. What should be drawn from marxism is that everyone is pretty much unequal and that any semblance of equality or equity can only be achieved when the whole system is abolished.


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  1. History shows, time and time again, that having a mass line in revolutionary time is inviting the counter revolution in. In no revolutionary times is voting Democrat. Ideology does not being revolution, there's no need to make room to those that feel unaccepted by the demand of acceptance and understanding of those different than them.

  2. Stop trying to modernize the language, bourgeoise and proletariat have precise definitions for a reason. Changing it to haves dilutes what you're trying to say, to focus and infantilize your audience. It's doing exactly the thing you're complaining about.


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Social issues agendas are political issues. Communism is meaningless without it. The abolition of the current way of things does not come by ignoring some parts and focusing on others. Everything is important.