mofongo wrote

I try to avoid post on queer for obvious reasons, but time to intervene and put some tracks. You don't need to answer, but these are things you should consider.

  1. Why do you do feel the need to call yourself queer, or more specifically, why do you feel you need permission to call yourself queer? Specially before answering or finding acceptance on your own gender questions.

  2. Why do you consider other People's genitals important for your own orientation?

  3. This was sort of implied, but you should look why your first consideration on a partner is how you would sex them, instead of other parts of their personhood.

  4. Finally, I think this part answers your own question:

I ask because I don't suffer from gender dysphoria, and I am unlikely to run into any issues because of whoever I may have a relationship with.

In short, you're not trans, because you mostly identify with your GAB. You're not gay, considering your dislike of having sex with anyone with a penis (a common belief among macho cis men).

So, the final question is, why do you want to be considered queer again?


mofongo wrote

It's been a bit rainy the last few days, it hasn't help with the heat though.

I decided to start doing more strength exercise and stretches. That bit of additional effort increased my hunger by a lot, which is annoying, but I also need to break the habit of eating until I no longer feel hunger to eat until I feel full/satisfied.

I also need to add both more meat and more sources of protein to my diet. I'm too used to getting mostly carbs. There's always a huge pan of lentils/beans at home that I need to get used to eating.