mofongo wrote (edited )

The problem of Reddit (and Raddle) they can't separate post written by users or just post a link.

If you use the "fuck" theme you will see different notifications if the post is a link or a text post [Aa].

The downvote(and karma) system is a thing to threatening people: how dare are you not being mainstream? I know there are some assholes often getting downvotes, but this is very bad for self-expression of the minorities.

Yep, that's why on Raddle votes only affect placement (and number of comments usually take precedence over votes) and there's no karma counter here. No matter how much you're (up/down) voted it does not affect your ability to comment or post.


mofongo wrote

There's lot of competition, thousands of games coming out each week. It's hard to get their game known by word of mouth alone.

Some genres are saturated of new titles, which doesn't help. Games like Stardew valley are a rarity, and its popularity is in part because of its niche.

Consumer psychology also affects how the game is viewed. Cheap games are viewed as cheap games no matter how good they are and that affects how many sales a game gets.