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I feel ya, I have two tests, two projects and a keynote for tomorrow. I'm behind on all of them because I was also assigned a video project in the last minute, the people that promised to help me didn't. I would have finished sooner if not for them, but I guess they needed to suck up the teacher.


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That week is engraved in my heart. It was my birthday a few days prior and was having a hard time accepting that the adults in my life were seeing me as too old for bday parties. A few days, an uncle I never knew died, which killed every chance of a party out of respect for the dead. Then 9/11 happened, I remember all my neighbors in my street coming out to talk about it in amazement. I was pissed because all the channels were talking about it and I just wanted to watch cartoons. It was the topic for weeks to come, never got my birthday party and the only gift I got was a bootleg pacman handheld console out of sympathy, but my brother also got something which negates it being a birthday present.

I spent the rest of the week watching 9/11 footage. But not being american, it did not affect me much.

Edit: I also saw the bombing of Iraq on TV two years later, that was more horrific that what I saw on 9/11.


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If today

By me:

Here lies a coward, who learned too late what he wanted in life and too cautious to make the sacrifices needed to achieve them. Whose dreams and ideals rarely matched his actions, whose life was lived the same than those that surrounded him.

By close ones:

Mofongo was a kind and responsible person, though forgetful, was always doing his responsibilities towards his family and home, always doing what was needed even with his physical difficulties. A person that in his solitude was always trustful of everyone and kept to himself his judgements. Austere, undemanding, cautious with money, self-centered and the type of person to make any sacrifice for his family.

The future

For years, his dream was to get a plot of land, plant trees that would feed his family, to protect them, a least a little, from collapse. His effort also provided food for others, which he shared which he shared... All his life he loved nature and he loved helping others, he lived like he wanted, doing was natural to him.


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Have not finished yet, but watched around 10 minutes of detective Pikachu. It's very fun and charming.

I just remembered this movie, "The final cut" with Robin Williams. Nice thriller that really left a mark on me decades ago. In it, in the not so distance future, there are implants that record everyone's lives and, once you die, editors make a feature film based on one's memory to be shown at your funeral.


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Joker is viewed like that already in some boy's club circles, gamers come to mind. And even his actions could be twisted into whatever group: he's smart, manly, resourceful and wants to watch the world burn (pretty much internet masculinity), an incel friendzoned by Harley Queen, a MGTOW with a fling with Harley, etc. A white (lol) canvas for the edgy to view themselves.