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What about: everyone should enjoy a minimum standard of living independent of their laboral status.

I find that expressed this way prevents people from having to defend their choice and it's harder to jump to the laborist "supporting lazy people" some people have.


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I started this fitness program that was bring presented at work and I'm already regretting it. It helps my limp a little because exercise but it also hurts quite a bit because exercise.

Anyways, I've decided to gain the 20+ pounds i need to be on a healthy weight despite my doctor's recommendation. I'm finding it really hard to get improvements, even when the recommendation is "eat a lot and weight training". At points, I end up losing pounds.


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Thanks for your reply!!

I made this post a while ago, the twin are already born and turned 3 months old recently. We got gifted enough disposable diapers by friends and family that I still haven't had to buy any. At this point, I don't think I can convince the miss's to use diapers.

The elimination communication bit is really interesting and something I something I would like us to apply but I got told "you do it" which isn't very productive because I spend most of the day at work.


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I haven't walked out of a movie theater, no matter how horrible the movie is. I watched Jack and Jill with my brother and that was the last time we went to the movies together, I also watched dragon Ball evolution from start to finish. I already paid, might as well watch it.

On video, Disaster Movie. I thought it would be a nonsense movie with cheap laughs. It was worse than that, I quit it, I could not handle it.