mofongo wrote

I didn't mean for you take my recommendation in bad faith, so I'll take the time to explain why I recommended the sites I did.

The first is that if you want your writing to be read and known, you need to go to the clear net, that's where you'll get the most views.

Second is that if you don't know which political group would be interested in your ideas, you will have to publish it in a big tent site and hope it's good enough to spread by word of mouth. But the best course is posting it somewhere that aligns with the political views that you're trying to promote. They'll be the people more likely to read it and promote it within their in-groups.

On your second point, I think any site that's not trying to sell you to advertisers doesn't mind where you are. This is a good place for that, but I don't know if you'll feel comfortable among anarchists and viceversa.

You could try mastodon, which is a Twitter like service. There are other instances that focus on different interests too. There's also, of you'd like to be among communists.


mofongo OP wrote

This one looks alright. Neo goes back to the closet and takes Viagra/antidepressant to keep the illusion going. Then Neo meets someone that makes them feel very different in a good way. Which leads to Neo taking the titty pill that will turn their life around.

Now, will neo go back to their previous life filled with Viagra and antidepressants or will they be brave enough to explore this new exciting world?