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I don't have a favorite so I'll mention games that have stood out to me.

Tomb Raider (2013), it's been a while since i played a game like that and got hooked. My only complaint the raiding sessions were short and somewhat simple. Beyond that, very entertaining.

Guacamelee, very fun, fighting evil with Mexican wrestling moved and tons of references? I could only ask for more. I played both gold and super ultra turbo championship edition (just the name convinced me to double dip).

Wonderful 101, it's a niche of a niche. Very funny, difficult and I loved every second of it.

Breath of the wild, I really enjoy open world games where I can just scroll around and see what adventures I find. Really the only aspect of the same that kept me hooked.

LOZ: Wind waker, I knew this game was made for me the first time I saw it. My favorite Zelda game so far.

MegaMan Zero/MegaMan ZX (Advent)/Azure Striker Gunvolt. I don't know why, but these types of games really click for me. I'm saving to get 20XX on steam and see if I can scratch that itch.

On MMZX Advent, you fight Sonichu.


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Never really, I was really into avoid prevent drama mode (maybe because of the argument I had with wifey last night). I unbanned them.


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Sounded very accusative and argumentative, in a "Why are you still doing here?" manner. I considered it could start some needless drama, so I deleted it preventively. I should have mentioned it to you but I was busy getting ready to work.


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The first thing would be talk to a lawyer, specially if it's handle as a legal matter.

If not and only if not, you could lie about it or weasel your way out, depending on how much you said. Like it's a cool thing you heard older kids do and you wanted to be popular or whatever would be more believable about you.