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Been making overtime, today will be the most I work in my life so far, thinking on staying until 12am. I'll have to cut costs too.


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It usually falls on use cases and personal preferences. I'm still in love with puppy linux and its 400x increase in battery life. But it's only useful for me when I'm going to write or do command life stuff on a laptop and may not have an outlet nearby.


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Uhmm, that's a monarchy, a big no from me thank you.


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Since you use a mac, maybe Elementary OS would be a good starting point. It's based on Ubuntu and its design philosophy is based on Apple's. Otherwise, go Ubuntu.

I support going for a thinkpad, you can find many models at different price points used on ebay.


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Download a ripped version in a common format, like mkv or mp4. Blu-ray is deliberate obtuse, new decoders are released frequently to avoid piracy of new movies.