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I'd be celebrating this if sperm and egg counts weren't also dropping in most animals. Less humans in the future is probably an ecologically good thing, but not so much if it entails the rest of our cousins.


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A Bowie knife look-alike that belonged to my grandfather. It was made somewhere in Germany in the 1910s, and (if the stories he told me were true) might have been used in street combat sometime during World War One.


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Spent most of yesterday sorting out baldcypress and dawn redwood seeds. I have plans to sequester the seeds in my fridge for a few months, and once they're ready I'm going to propagate them on trays.

I want to make deciduous conifers abundant in southern Ontario again, partially to assist my favourite plants in having a fighting chance to ride out the mass extinction but mostly because I love them more than anyone but my boyfriend.


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Some actually get their meat through subsistence hunting and fishing, and don't prioritize zoocentrism over the wholesale suffering of all forms if life (including vegetal, which vegans usually disregard). Me and my boyfriend are privileged enough to live this way, and don't consume any meat that we didn't hunt for in the wild, mostly eating vegan otherwise.