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I think it resets to the previous number of bombs you had at the time if you didn't clear the checkpoint

The thing with Pointdevice mode is that you get less bombs over time, unlike in Legacy where you get more resources. So I wanna make sure by the time I get to Clownpiece I still have like 3 or more bombs

Also wouldn't it be funny to face Clownpiece with 10 bombs at your disposal lol


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Help I'm still stuck with Doremy's third nonspell

What do you mean I should use a bomb, what if I get stuck with say Clownpiece and I don't have any bombs left


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I don't know your Hexbear, chapo.chat, or whatever you call your site is still alive to this day. Glad to know it's as alive as freenode right now


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Original art by 高瀬川ユイ: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/35313149

Translations and typesetting by me, with translations based on Danbooru: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1412589

Font used for textbox of Marisa obtaining Mima's Outfit is Eight Bit Dragon by Chequered Ink: https://www.fontspace.com/eight-bit-dragon-font-f30428

Font used for Marisa's laugh and the "shing" sound effect is Bankai by Allouse.Studio: https://www.fontspace.com/bankai-font-f58953


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I still think proxy caching would be key, with only the initial linking instance fetching the content.

Yeah that was suggested at first, but the devs were concerned about some malicious instances giving out fake previews. But then other social media sites already allow you to edit the preview itself, so maybe it's not really a big of a deal...