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They're on a power trip and insecure because they couldn't even be real cops. They only get to harass people in stores.


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Where I live, even though it's upwards of 80 degrees on most days, hoodies are a big trend. Pretty hurts, right? I get what you mean, though. Try baggy or loose shirts. Great for smaller lifts as you can just slip merchandise in your waistband.


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They literally called not only me and another black girl "niggers" but literally everyone else on here. You couldn't make a post without it being flooded with "niggerniggerniggerniggernigger". How was that funny? It was annoying as fuck.


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I'm black (lightskin so maybe it's easier for me, I don't know), and it is harder. You are more likely to be followed around and overall profiled. That doesn't mean it's impossible, though! Start small, with candy bars, packs of fake nails, panties, things like that. Never use a backpack. I do it, but I really shouldn't. Carry a large purse. It helps to stay with a friend for your first few times. I personally never lift alone. I'm always with my little sister, who doesn't want to lift but is willing to be a lookout for me. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't look directly at cameras. Always thoroughly inspect items for tags. Make it look as though you are actually lifting. Depending on the situation, you should either buy something small on the way out, or just bounce the fuck out of there. These are just tips for starting out, and you should continue to actively searching out tips to help you improve. Happy lifting!


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Don't tell me you got caught thanks to the fucking original flavor. Or the plan ass pizza flavor. No thanks. I'm only risking jail time for salt and vinegar.


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I'm gonna fuck your son. He's gonna bust a nut all up in me and I'm gonna raise the child to shoplift. Your grandbaby is going to be a shoplifter. Your grandbaby will be a "liar" and "scum". Enjoy that.