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Not sure why you were getting downvoted. This lift was beautiful, but I guess your lift is only good if you go on some anti-capitalist rant along with it. Can't a lift just be a lift?


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Found out I was pregnant in June. I'm kind of struggling with that too. On one hand, I want to teach him/her so that they can skip that long trial and error phase and get right to it. On the other hand, I don't want him/her to end up like his/her father. We've got enough jailbirds in this family already lol

Edit: fuck am I being downvoted for lmao??


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Look man I know you're just trying to make your money but it's against the rules to advertise for your business and try to tell goods or services.


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Mine sounds so lame compared to the rest of y'all's lol. I just got a pair of wax denim shorts from Macy's, along with a nice facial oil. I had my little sister slip the oil into my pocket while I pretended to look at something else. For the shorts, I tucked them between two other pairs of pants that i was going to try on, and once I was in the fitting room I put them on under the shorts I was already wearing. I definitely plan on hitting Macy's again in a month or so, it was way too easy!


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Yeah, that sounds like a pretty solid plan. Good luck!