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Does Raddle have anyone infiltrating 8Chan/Voat or are they the only ones getting IPs and infiltrating us? I get this info must come from somebody infiltrated into them, but my question is how many we've got compared to them. It would only be fair we infiltrate back in equal measure. They can't be the only ones with information about their adversaries, right?


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What's worse is that instead on focussing on the real issue at hand here (wonderful post btw), Trump chooses to pick Antifa as terrorists when we've routinely stopped right wingers from assembling violently, attacking clergymen (yes that actually happened, I don't have the link but it's on raddle somewhere), people of color, LGBTQ+s, migrants... Instead of discrediting them, Trump is discrediting US! Since Trump is saying it, you can bet your ass Fox News is saying it too, and most media gets a bad image of Antifa because of this.

We need to change Antifa and the left's image, but not our goals.


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Reply to comment by Naokotani in just left reddit by Redditsux

Are anarchists generally opposed to libertarians or do they like them/share some of their views?

Obviously the low government involvance, but what about more societal and economic questions?