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The worst part about Western imperialism is that it doesn't just pollute, it forces other nations to pollute in order to stay economically competitive in the exploitative capitalist global market. Africa hasn't even fully industrialized yet. Its large population and vast trove of natural resources make it a ticking time bomb of carbon emissions and other pollution, unless we can find a more sustainable economic model than capitalism for it before it does. That's only going to add to the problem.

But most of the issue is simply embedded into the roots of the existing structure of Western society. The carbon footprints (and other pollution metrics) of people from "developing" nations dramatically increase in size when they migrate to the "developed" world. Even people who have lived their entire lives with very small carbon footprints, who know how to live in ecological harmony with nature, cannot avoid helping to destroy the environment when living in the so-called "first world". Western nations are just literally built on top of piles of garbage and industrial waste. It's an unsalvageable way of life. (Incidentally, this is why I question mass migrations from "developing" nations to "developed" nations, which we all know are primarily the result of conflicts instigated by the Western military-industrial complex anyway. They shouldn't be forced by our warmongering to come to our horrible, bloated countries. We should be going to their countries and living like they do, to find out how they're able to exist without slowly poisoning the planet to death.)

Ultimately, a dramatic restructuring of Western society (including its toxic influence abroad) is the only way to solve the problem. People will have to learn to live with less, at least until we get CARBON-NEUTRAL FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY GAY SPACE COMMUNISM. That could take a while though. There's a lot of nazis to punch.


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I don't think so. Guilt is a terrible motivator imo, sort of a catholic-style way of getting people to do things if they don't really want to. I don't consider guilt-motivated altruism to be much more than patronizing charity.

Fine, it shouldn't be their (entire) motivation. Their motivation should be to make the world a better place and help their fellow man. But if they don't feel at least a little guilty about the unearned benefits they receive from white privilege, then they are probably terrible people anyway.

There are people out there who seriously think that parts of the US should become a black ethnostate.

Can you blame them? Obviously in the long run all nations and borders should be abolished, but in the short run for many populations of PoC kicking whitey out entirely would probably be their best chance of literally surviving. It is incredibly privileged and close-minded to dismiss their real and pressing concerns in the present because it doesn't line up with some ideal of utopian praxis.


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They are not oppressive to other humans by any means, but they do have the power to oppress animals. Of course people outside of their group attempting to force them to stop their hunting practices would be cultural chauvinism, so that's no good either.

Ultimately I think the real reason that they continue such practices is the material and social deprivation caused by capitalism and white imperialism. Once socialism has created a global abundance, they will probably become vegans like the rest of the future planet, especially given how inherently connected with nature their lifestyle is.


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Guilt does jack shit

You're right. Whites can't just feel guilty. They also need to take active, actualizing steps to destroy the systems of white privilege that benefit them. But they should absolutely feel guilty on top of that, and if they don't, I don't see how they'd be motivated to do so.

nationalism of any kind is a cancer.

Please tell me that you're not seriously conflating oppressed PoC banding together for their own survival with fascist nationalism. That they're both called "nationalism" is nothing more than a flawed convention caused by an etymological quirk. There is a huge difference between them. Or do you believe in the dictionary definition of racism too?


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It's a seemingly good service. It's just a shame that it's run by a reactionary. (The footer links to imgoat, favorite image hosting service of right-wing trash dump Voat, TempleOS, /pol/'s favorite meme operating system, and used to complain about "alt-left" censorship although it seems that's been removed.)

Edit: Here's an archived page showing the older, more reactionary footer:

From the archived page:

Friends - People/videos put into youtube's new quarantine mode for videos that don't break ToS but that are disliked by the alt-left. Not yet very extensive but he's working on it. - Ez pz to remember replacement for imgur, an alt-left company that censors images it disagrees with politically.

Apparently the "alt-left" (whatever that means) controls the Internet and leftists never get censored. I wonder why we're all here then?

Meanwhile it also seemingly used to be a porn site:*/*

You can even see links advertising videos of 11 year old girls, 15 year old girls, etc. (Of course I'm sure it was just fake keyword spam like on most porn sites.) Hopefully that has nothing to do with the current owner.

It should also be noted that concerns have floated around various circles that Hooktube is a "data mining" operation, but there's no way to say how true that is.


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You can't change minds without confronting people. Like I said, it is literally not okay to be white. Whiteness is a social construct that needs to be abolished. This can't be done without hurting someone's feelings, just like redistributing wealth and giving workers control of the means of production can't be done without hurting someone's feelings. Are we going to stop saying "all cops are bad" or "eat the rich" too? You could hurt a rando's feelings! They could be rich or their dad could be a cop.

I'll say it again: fuck the feelings of the privileged. Their feelings have been endlessly catered to for centuries. Time's up.


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I say keep it simple. Put up "it's NOT okay to be white" stickers. Fuck pandering to white fragility. We all know that the real meaning behind "it's okay to be white" is "it's okay to wholeheartedly endorse your white privilege without ever thinking about it". Shut them down. Let them know we fully understand what they mean, and that it is NOT okay to be white as they understand it (or in any way other than "I'm not ignoring that I am coded as white arbitrarily based on my physical phenotype and given privileges that I don't deserve, and I'm trying to fix it"). It is NOT okay to support the social construct of whiteness.

I mean of course it is okay, in a hypothetical society that does not privilege it for no good reason, to be melanin deficient. You can't control that. But it is NEVER okay, in this society or any other, to be "white", because whiteness is an artificial social construct invented specifically to oppress people. It is not okay to be white. Let them know and fuck their reactionary feelings.


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What are we going to do on November 4th, Pinky? Why, we're going to do what we do every night... bash the fash!

I'm going to be out on the streets. Staying in is cowardice. If there really are fascists roaming the streets expecting an antifa revolution, then they're going to get one. Why waste an opportunity where the enemy literally plans on exposing every one of its members?


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Because they operate under the false delusion that FOSS is a "meritocracy", that the only thing that proves virtue in FOSS spaces is producing code, and that they aren't operating under the shadow of massive structural and social biases. It's primarily the programmers and engineers (like Linus) that need to be reigned in and reeducated tbh.