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martasultan wrote

I like flags as a symbol of solidarity. Flying the trans flag offers solidarity to other trans people, flying the IWW's to workers, etc. Its a sign that you're not alone, especially useful in places where it seems you are.

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martasultan wrote

I always hated the mutualism flag, it gives a false illusion of it being a bridge between capitalism and communism despite it clearly being its own ideology. I've also never seen an actual mutualist use it, only other anarchists.


martasultan wrote

It's like you threw your copies of the communist manifesto out

You're not wrong! I'm not much of a fan of Marx.

There's nothing communist about this devotion to anti-social barbarism.

Who said there was?

Our civilization is not some evil entity that needs to be feared and destroyed, taking us back to the dark ages.

Is this literally a crypto-fascist "save western civilization from those antifa anarchists"?

Society needs to be made more equal by educating the working class and creating a revolution.

Alright, go ahead. I'll believe it when I fucking see it.

We should be pushing for worldwide revolution

Ah, the inevitable "it will all be better after the revolution." You're right, I will abandon my lifestyle and put my trust in the Marxist-Leninist party, its worked so many times before.

not the reversal of all progress we've gained since the enlightenment and a return to the backwards barbarism that restrained us for so long.

...the European enlightenment bringing backwards barbarians forwards sounds a bit like colonialism, pal. Actually, a lot like it. You sitting here arguing about how we need to enlighten the poor, dumb barbarians across the world?