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(Inb4 incoherent anarchist screeching about how this won't end capitalism, but spray-painting and smashing bank windows totally will)

All the above isn't purely tankie shit, Makhno did almost all the same in Gulyai-Pole. Seems like a bit of a dick move to, y'know, not acknowledge the people who fought three empires at the same time, or even include that on one of the few things the entire left usually agrees upon.


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So, seems you guys don't get it (had 3 or 4 downvotes when I commented this). Familiar with the Holodomor and Aardakh? Kronstadt or Makhno? Article 121?

Literally made being gay illegal w/ forced labour as a punishment.

Oh- or the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, when they literally split Europe between their totally-not-an-empire and literally Nazi Germany.