manc wrote

'It is estimated that 3 percent of Belgian children are forced to follow the strict diet'

'Forced'? A child eats what you give them. Every child's diet is 'forced' on them.

Fun fact: my child is TWICE the weight I was when I was their age. They're not overweight, just v tall and solid. They've been vegan since conception. I, on the other hand, on my childhood diet of oven chips and cheese with turkey twizzlers, was tiny and underweight to the point where no one would believe I was anywhere near my actual age. I remember going to get a paperround job and being told 'sorry, you have to be 11 to do this round.' I was fifteen.


manc wrote

I used to be v into the reddit anarchist subs but after a while you just see the same shit again and again. Most if it isn't even anarchist, esp on /completeanarchy. I remember posting an anti-authoritarian meme therr that referenced Cuba and it was downvoted hundreds of times.


manc wrote

Does anyone know if Firefox extensions are fixed yet? A friend whose computer I setup (Debian plus FF ESR iirc) keeps texting me saying they have no adblocker anymore. I installed ublock origin for them back in the day