Reply to Privilege by F9h

manc wrote


Your shit tier meme actually demonstrates white privilege perfectly. You see the white homeless person as an individual, someone who is struggling and being hurt by the system. If the person in the picture was, say, an Aboriginal Australian homeless person, you'd dismiss them as 'well that is just what they are like'. That's white privilege.

Anyway, off you fuck bootlicker.


manc wrote

So pathetic how the far right always hide who they are. When someone asks me my politics I don't say 'I am pro freedom and anti hierarchy'. I say I am anarchist. I thought you were meant to be tough guys /u/EuropeanAmerican?


manc wrote

Why would I throw my life away just to inconvenience a corporation? You know he'd be replaced overnight, right? When Steve Jobs died the factories didn't all shut down.

This way of thinking only reinforces the capitalist lie that rich people's lives are more important than poor people's lives.