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Hey, time to share something a little bit personal. I think it's important that this story gets heard.

One of my friends was part of the Xbox Underground group. She was a minor, like 16 or something. The feds waited until she was an adult to try her so that she would get a tougher sentence.

She got PTSD in prison. Her history made it near impossible for her to get employed. She was essentially forced to live with her abusive parents.

She constantly sought psychological help for her conditions, and couldn't receive it because she didn't have money. One of her friends offered to pay for her therapy, but she would feel immense guilt if she took things from others.

She always felt like a burden, yet for those of us lucky enough to have known her, she was more valuable than anything else in the world. Talking with her has helped me get through so much, and she always put other people before herself.

Eventually, she ran away from home and moved in with a friend out-of-state. She finally got a job at a pizza place. It seemed like she finally managed to get her life back in order, but she was still facing so much pain. A few months ago, she took her own life.

Look at how they tortured a beautiful, sweet, prospective girl to the point of hopelessness, despair, suicide. Look at what the state that's supposed to protect us is willing to do to us if we "step out of line." Look at how cruelly they treat those who dare damage the profits of our faceless, emotionless corporations.

Her name was Holly. I want you to remember her name. I want you to remember this story. I want you to remember what those motherfuckers in power will do to us to protect their profits. I want you to remember that among us lives awful people who cheer on uniformed bastards for maintaining our precious order.

Her name was Holly, and she was one of the best people I ever knew.

Her name was Holly, and she shall forever be a reminder of the cruelty of corporate America.

Fuck capitalism.

Fuck the state.

Fuck cops.

Vive la résistance.


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I mean like the Double Ratchet Protocol is also used by

  • Matrix
  • Wire
  • WhatsApp (eww)

It's not exactly an obscure algorithm.

The Signal protocol has also undergone formal analysis, where it has been determined to be cryptographically sound.

I'm curious as to what you recommend people use over the Signal protocol. Not PGP, I hope.


There are valid concerns for Signal as software.

  • Signal is Mobile-Centric

Phones are generally not secure devices. There are a variety of concerns related to trusting phones.

  • Signal is Centralized

Your metadata can be used to determine a lot about you.

  • Signal is Difficult to Compile from Source

Because it is a mobile app and officially recommends installation from Google Play.

  • Signal's Desktop App is a Steaming Pile of Electron Shit

Seriously, it's awful.


But none of these very valid concerns are strikes against the Signal protocol. The Signal protocol is secure (as far as we know), and used by some truly brilliant software (like OMEMO).


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While I am not aware of OP's specific situation, MOST people do not need protein powder on a vegan diet.

If OP is asking this question, they probably have reasons for it. However, most people in fact consume excessive protein (which is a health issue).



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Existing alternative solutions are cool and viable. Mastodon works great and has an awesome user-base.

And on the longer term we should be moving away from feed-based social media.


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Reply to comment by dele_ted in Why is Discord so popular? by tnstaec

Signal: Requires mobile tie-in, no thank you.

Wire: Groups are rudimentary. Like seriously you can’t even set group icons.

Riot: Desktop version makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Buggy as fuck. Stupid latent too.

Since you mentioned Matrix, Nheko is nice. No crypto but still better than Discord privacy-wise since you choose your server.

Truly good crypto offerings for group/team comms is limited.

OMEMO is great if you have a bit of patience. But group management doesn’t seem very advanced either? (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Keybase chat is nice and has identity-stuff and Git integrated. But no VC, which is fine I guess since you can just have a separate Mumble server. IRC servers manage :3

At some point I’d rather just self-host something like Rocket.Chat. But yeah, there’s not as many “duh!” replacements as it looks.