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In medical sciences this can lead to a reified view of identities –– for example assuming that differences in hypertension in Afro-American populations are due to racial difference rather than social causes –– leading to fallacious conclusions and potentially unequal treatment

Is it because it's racist?


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I had so much hope at the moment when Evo Morales came into the government. But he has come to crave centralized power, which has become a part of the Bolivia’s dominant culture since the 1952 revolution. The idea that Bolivia is a weak state and needs to be a strong state—this is such a recurrent idea, and it is becoming the self-suicide of revolution. Because the revolution is what the people do—and what the people do is decentralized. It is a megalomaniacal kind of thing to have a “strong nation.” It is an inferiority complex. I think we should have many reasons to be very happy with what we are. Instead of always craving to be more modern, more developed, more fucking big—more highways, more technology…

Doesn't the leader need to give the people these things to make them happy though? If he said no highways, no technology, wouldn't they revolt and pick a leader who will give them what they want?


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This is exactly why we need to vote, otherwise Trump's fascist militias will spread all over the country until they've taken up residence in our schools, our courtrooms and our workplaces. This infiltration is only the start.