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what's good

I'm going to participate in the capitalist economy with my partner and one of our friends :)

I'm also broke as fuck so probably won't get nothin'


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You're politically incorrect because you say controversial stuff

I'm politically incorrect because I'm a dumbass and don't understand politics

We are not the same


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I'd bet money on the fact my dad probably has Jordan Peterson books.

He has a whole ass shelf full of those types of books


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I feel that.

I'm only 17, but I'm already considering cutting her out when I'm able to.

But she gets inside my head, like, when I seriously think about it I feel horrible about it. Yet she's one of the worst possible things for my mental health.

But every so often she'll do something kind, or be respectful to me. And it gets inside my head. I hate it


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Sure hope not, considering I'm planning on being an art teacher.

I see art as incredibly important to humanity, a human behavior, its not optional for us. And it's a damn shame that the fine arts are now seen as a commercial venture. One where you need to be "skilled" to do it, where to be considered an artist you need to sell your art for money.

I want to teach people that's not the case, teach them to have a love for art like I do. And not see it as something they just "aren't good at". No human can be bad at art.


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Good! I got the money to order a bass, and got a weighted blanket (so comfy!) from my mom. I'm heading down to my dad's tomorrow, not entirely sure everything he got me (I do know he got me a pair of solovairs though!)

My mom is going to pick up Chinese for dinner tonight, so I am looking forward to that!