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Taking a little break from drinking

Gosh, how's that? My last sober week was months ago and I can't imagine trying to take a break when flooring stress is coming up. Solidarity, friend.


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I'm a pretty witchy person, so take this advice with a grain of salt, but if you walk in somewhere and your gut tells you the energy is bad, either just leave or don't do any lifting. Intuition is important and I only do anything when I feel it's right. With employees acting that paranoid I would have left pretty quick.

A tip for anxiety, if you find you just get stage fright around this buisness, is music. I always have headphones in. Helps for getaways too; not being able to hear when employees flag you down, not getting any 'help' on your way out.

Panic attacks suck. Much solidarity.


lunarfool wrote

Yeah, I've spoken to people that have similar experiences. I keep a journal of where I've gone recently and rotate my spots so I'm never a regular anywhere. And always stay vigilant.

Sucks tho. Stay safe, and all the best with your gaming.