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I live in a relatively small city so to get a decent new job I'd have to probably move to a different one. I do have some IT, coding and design skills so I do work online and work in the restaurant in case there's no work to be done online.

As for the questions, the owner has like 4 cars, a big house and they own an entire building where they rent office space so they're not really losing alot by my actions. And no, the local community isn't affected.


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Rossmann in Poland is well known for its intrusive security, they will follow you around the store all the time if they suspect the smallest thing, even if you're not going to lift


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yeah it makes sense. I found one rated 12,000 shipped from my country, would that be enough? I plan to lift mostly clothes. don't really wanna get the big ones cause it's kind of inconvenient and suspicious (I can put the small one in my pocket and for the big ones I'd probably have to use a backpack)

Also are these things detected by security towers when you walk into the shop?