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Let them out of prison, have a sympathetic ear, protect their victims and themselves, encourage to talk about it in a safe way, try to find the real reason for the action and close that gap within the offender and/or the society. Uphold the good in human beings, without ignoring the evil we all have in us. Establish and maintain a collective base where feelings and desires can be expressed without having to fear judgement or punishment. At best, the roots of a action can grow into something positive.

Because no state will exist, the small society I would want to live in decides consensually what action is a real crime (wrong action for a happy life inside the small society). Everyone with a veto will no longer be part of it.

(Yeah, it's not just that and everything will be fine. It's just a abstract and quick answer.)


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  • Do postings in the public. Visit other neighborhoods, russian communities as a primary source.

  • Maybe you get lucky and can talk to a contemporary witness, their friends or relatives or they contact you and can provide old stories, diaries, photos.

  • Consult a trusted librarian for already published works, look for private migrant associations - maybe they have archives or can impart or even put you in contact with somebody. Write to different public institutions worldwide like university faculties and ask for recommendations, for comparison write also to communist parties.

  • Debunk propaganda by talking with others about your newest knowledge and be aware, that probably everything's ever written bears the authors hallmarks of some political view and interpretation.


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As a subscriber I support this idea, because of the affinity we have, to avoid loosing overview ("Shit, where was it published again?"), making cross-posts unnecessary and to get more into talking than just sharing links.

As a moderator I act as soon as there is consensus about it. If nobody seems to be interested in this matter and didn't participate in this poll for the next 4 weeks I will act on my own and ask u/mofongo and all other subscribers of f/food if they oppose to this idea or not.