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people say they find it easier to read dead-tree books than on a screen, but it doesn't seem to bother me, anyone here find that easier?

also lol @ marx poster


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It keeps the important parts of the application isolated from outer components.

isn't that how every architecture and paradigm is supposed to work

Isolate the core through ports and adapters

and aren't adapters just kludges for object-centric languages that don't let you add arbitrary functions for arbitrary classes? HTTP to internal-representation adapting makes sense, but the program presented doesn't even do that, and it's handled somewhere else

I rate 3/7 ok blogspam, needs more clean code wank


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Ask, and thou shall receive. Keep Tesseract around, and thou doesn't need to ask.

How to destroy cell phone towers

Recipe: Standard size cell phone tower, used by two or three cell carriers. Usually at the installation there will be a sign noting the companies.


  • 2-3 comrades
  • Entry tools (Boltcroppers, Wiresnips, etc)
  • Gloves, Mask, Clean Clothes, Hat, Cap or Hood (for DNA traces)
  • Fuel (500ml, White Spirit or Kerosene preferred instead of Benzine/Petrol)
  • Fuel (100ml of Benzine/Petrol)
  • Firelighters, Several Lighters, Long Pole or Stick (up to 15ft)
  • Thick Rags/Towelling (to absorb the fuel)
  • Small Tyre which is easy to fit in a rucksack (from Wheelbarrow, Quad Bike, Moto etc)
  1. Recon the target. Locate the weak point in the installation, which is where the network cables depart from the mast vertical and enter horizontally or similar into the electrical source, which is usually either a small reinforced building or box. The exposed cables may be located at ground level or up to 15ft up the mast for example. Note estimated timings, entry and exit points, security cameras, motion sensors, lighting etc. Aim to execute the action within 15 mins.

  2. Check and enter the site, climb the mast if needed, cut the cable ties that bunch the wires together at the weak point you located earlier. Wedge the tyre in between the cables securely and stuff the tyre with rags and wrap some rags around the cables climbing up the mast from that point. Soak the rags inside the tyre and up the mast with fuel. Take care not to cover yourself with fuel traces, prevent unneeded forensic evidence and do not set yourself on fire. If you are using a pre-made timed incendiary device place it inside the tyre and set it. Climb down.

  3. If using a timed device, leave the site immediately. If not, check the site and your exit points quickly. This second check is to prevent any detection, unnecessary injuries or death due to the extended nature of the action.

  4. Light the fire using a pole or stick wrapped with fuel-soaked rags, Benzine is better here as the wind can get very strong where these mast are located usually. Light the rags inside the tyre from a distance, getting as far back as possible. If the tyre is small, then the fire is smaller, and detection is lessened. Practice operating in windy environments to get used to using fire at altitude and in difficult circumstances. Leave immediately.

  5. Dispose of all materials used in the sabotage action and do not return to the site. Police scientific teams will extensively search the target’s area, entry and exit points, and routes to and from, for any trace of material they can use as evidence.

This recipe is open to be adapted and developed for use wherever it is needed, larger and more complex targets and systems need more developed plans of attack. Trial and error are the guide.

Against 5G & the world which needs it


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If everyone is equal and there's no money then why would we need to get married?

Why would you want to get married? Nothing stops you from doing it with someone consentually without marriage.

Without any of these things, wouldn't the whole institution of marriage / the family go away?

Sounds great. Do you know why they call the nuclear family "nuclear?"


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Leftism isn’t merely deadly in its dullness...
Soviet Union massacred an estimated twenty to forty million people

this Anonymous in particular 🤝 school politics teachers
"the Soviet Union is representative of a large portion of left wing ideologies"

and I'll be honest, would be better to defer the killings (I mean it's prolly metaphorical killing, but even still) of anyone until they get dangerous


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Several of the new deep learning tricks are done using a model where two AIs are created called a generative adversarial network; one which creates the deepfakes and one which guesses if its input is real or generated by the former; and the two are used to train each other. It would be very useful if the second type of AI was published, as it could probably detect deepfakes better than a human reading off a list of features to check.


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Probably. I would say "you probably should work on your own opsec", because it is much easier to ensure something doesn't get published than to try and delete every trace of it, but it unfortunately is too late for that now.
My first concern would be that you would have to give your good hacker your information or something of the sort to find it, but it probably gets worse than that somewhere.


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cool and good but just saying that guy makes a living off reposting shit and also doing that kind of advertising on reddit where you don't know it's an ad but it's an ad alright