lina OP wrote

Who wants to live in a police state?

Have Americans forgotten history?

Have Americans lost their critical thinking skills?

Have Americans gone insane?

If the US was successful because Americans loved freedom then why are Americans embracing tyranny now?

If tyranny is so wonderful then why do people try to escape North Korea?

If tyranny is so good then why did the USA fight Nazi Germany?

If tyranny is so good then why did the USSR fail?

If the US could be a free country in 1799 and 1999 then why can't the USA be a free country now?

If you turn on a lawnmower and chop off your hand then do you blame the lawnmower company, the government, or yourself?

The US is doomed.

Part of the reason the US is collapsing now is that Americans have tunnel vision and are being distracted and divided about what the biggest problem is.

Some Americans think the main issue is illegal immigrants, China, Christians, Muslims, blacks, weed, food stamps, homosexuals, statues, global warming, or Russian election hacking when the real problem is that the elites control the corporations, the media, and the government and have turned the USA into a bankrupt warmongering police state.

The default American response to the US collapse is to ignore the decay, excuse government abuse, attack the messengers who warn of the dangers of tyranny, and to blame everyone else except themselves for the decline.

Americans are ignoring the obvious collapse of the US by sticking their heads in the sand and focusing instead on bread and circuses, celebrities, sports, movies, music, alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Americans don't care about government corruption and scandals.

Americans will vehemently attack anyone who dares criticize their beloved government overlords by shouting "fake news!" or calling patriots spammers, trolls, shills, bots, racists, or nutjobs and demanding that the truth-tellers be censored, banned, get IRS audits, be arrested, or be killed.

The collapse of the US is shocking and disgusting.

How can Americans sleep at night now?

Every country has the government it deserves.

Unless the 99% unites and agrees the real enemy is the ruling class that has rigged and corrupted the US, the 1% will continue their destruction until there is an economic crash, civil war, WWIII, and Americans end up in concentration camps.

Wake up.


Spread the word.


lina OP wrote

Every time the government bombs a country, bans free speech, confiscates guns, wiretaps people, seizes property, tortures, and kills people then you are responsible.

Silence means consent.

You would be naive to think that the government won't get worse or that you will never be a victim of government abuse.