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Logically, I know that there are certain things which I cannot control. I do what I can but beyond that, I have a life to lead.

The attitude that I have is: do what I can to improve things, and don't worry about the rest. Each person has their own inherent worth, and at the end of the day, you have to remember: you're just as worthy as anyone else.

I actually run a transgender info/support site, if you're interested:

EDIT: Actually, in the free software community there is a huge support for trans people, in my experience. I say this, as someone who came out as transgender to said community, having previously presented as a cis guy to it. To answer the question directly: No, I've never considered switching to a new field of study. To do so would only validate bigotry. You have to continue doing what you do regardless of what other people think of you.

I don't really know what to do about mysogyny or anything else, since bigotry/bias is very hard to undo in people. We just have to keep being visible, and keep focusing on educating people properly, so that one day it won't be a problem. Some people's minds won't be changed overnight. I have to keep a rational view of things.


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I'm a democratic socialist; I believe in public healthcare, the welfare state and so on. I'm also actively involved with the Labour party in the UK, where I live. Labour is a socialist party. I've always been leftwing, for the most part.

How it relates to Libreboot and free software: I believe that resources and knowledge should be universal to everyone, whether it be healthcare, education, food, transport, basically anything. I even believe in things like universal living wage and so on. I believe in free software for the same reason I'm a socialist: I think that everyone should have the "means to production" so to speak, when they use their computers. I believe that knowledge should be shared.