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This instance will be on a subdomain of a domain I already know, branded in accordance to my platform.

If we're using the same reference code (postmill) people will obviously recognize that. That's all I meant.

Not looking to be attached to the '' brand at all. You all can have every post, sidebar, member, settings etc., no promotion or acknowledgment needed.

Just need that technical backend stuff taken care of and we're gravy baby.


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You are though lol. You tried to call me a 'cop' because I publish reports putting people on to the fact that rich Jewish people that already have tens of millions of dollars are hustling the living fuck out of them, hand over fist, then moving that shit offshores.

You think they're 'one of you'? Lol. You think these people don't bribe & corrupt the fuck out of gov'ts so they can do what they want? You think these aren't the type of people that lobby hard as hell to make sure they can continue bending you over, no lube?

And you had the nerve to run that shit about 'capitalism'.


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Lol this is the 'anarchy' you all came here for?

'No posts that allow you to do any mundane thing related to commerce or profitability'

My bad. Let's continue to be unproductive and bitch about the government. That definitely works.


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You come across to me as a Fed to keep it 100.

I think you're just somewhere that makes you feel edgy, yet safe at the same time because you don't have to really be among people that ever disagree with you - and you've fooled yourself into thinking that you're 'woke' or you're 'anti-cop'.

You are a Fed.

Fuck you do illegal? Buy drugs off the internet? Lol.


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Fake fucking anarchists if I've ever seen them. I'm just going to find someone that's willing to deploy the instance and keep it moving.

Maybe you can finally nut up and live up to a real example of what it means to do your own thing.

You guys got brave opinions behind a computer but you're scared to assist someone with forking the instance.

Very tough, 'anarchists'


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Are you stupid? The people committing these frauds are already fucking rich.

You were so busy to hop in your narrative, you didn't click on that report I published to see that it shows clearly that the primary 'capitalists' you abhor so much are the ones committing the crime.

So, while profiting hand over fist to the tune of hundreds of millions (if not billions of dollars), via pure fraud, they're still scheming and robbing people in this space on top of it.

I'm the one screaming 'fuck these people', trying to bring it back to the roots while you sit here play hero for them.

Shit stemmed from Russia. U.S. knows about it - they arrested Gery Shalon a few years ago. He's fucking loaded ($400M+), Israeli. Indicted on 25+ federal counts.

They let him walk after he paid them a convenience fee of a few million to the DOJ/SEC and he got right back to it and defrauded more innocent investors. I'm actually exposing these jackasses.

"Through their criminal schemes, between in or about 2007 and in or about July 2015, Shalon and his co-conspirators earned hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit proceeds, of which Shalon concealed at least $100 million in Swiss and other bank accounts." -

  • $100 million

  • Swiss bank accounts

Who's the capitalist again?


See this is why I need the fucking Raddle instance because no one knows what the fuck they're talking about when it comes to this stuff and you guys are going to let these pricks make out like bandits


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This post heavily assumes that I'm advocating for police to get involved. Where I grew up, real friends tell you if someone stole and who did it and you know how the rest goes.

I don't tell anyone what they should do with the information.


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Ziq! Glad I reached you. Thank you for responding.

  1. I do not simply want a place to post stuff that interests me. I need shelled out categories subcategories, that dig into the minutiae of blockchain. I do not plan on leaving one stone unturned

1a. There is a distinct possibility that Reddit communities for projects such as 'Bitcoin', 'Litecoin', 'btc', etc., are created as non-censored alternatives.

  1. I do not need an audience. I already have a fairly sizeable one at the moment. Before being banned on Medium, I was ranked the #1 writer in blockchain. I have several thousand followers on all platforms, garner a few hundred thousand impressions, at least, on every platform, per month and have been cited in a number of major publications. I do not want this to come across as bragging, but I just want to be clear that attracting attention / audience is the least of my concerns.

  2. "There are already abuot 20 reddit alternatives and all of them struggle to gain users" ; That's unfortunate. Perhaps I will serve as a blueprint for how to grow this platform

  3. "Not have to spend years promoting a different domain that is likely to never gain any traction in such a competitive environment" ; Honestly, I'm willing to make you a wager that I could exceed the size of raddle(.)me if challenged to - within 6 months to 9 months, tops.

  4. "It also sounds like you think postmill is federated" ; No. I was saying that this feels somewhat analogous in terms of 'instnaces'.

  5. "None of the forums or posts here would appear on your site" ; I would prefer that. I could fill up an entire site with the content that I have written this year alone and do it in a very short period of time. If I needed to generate organic content, I could do so within a month or two - without worry.

It seems like you all have never ran into someone that's actually serious about what they're doing.

Again, I've published >600 reports in this space, 20k+ tweets, 25k+ Telegram messages, and have not missed a single birthday, holiday, weekend, etc... Ever.

Have not compromised or acquiesced. Once.


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Thank you for this reply - these were great questions to ask.

In response, I compiled this document for you (throwaway 'Medium'-like article webpage created by 'Telegram' = )

It provides links to the vast majority of my social media platforms, published reports, as well as several examples for each facet of blockchain.

With all due respect, I am here for real.


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I misspoke saying 'research team'. I have a community - undoubtedly ; there are 1600+ in the Telegram ( & 2,000+ in the Discord (PM me for an invite link).

However, I am the only one posting research in association, relation to or in affiliation to my brand and many times I have contributed to the brands of others.

I just put out a slew of posts that provide most of my social media / website links, expand on who I am , and make it clear that I'm not only objective but thorough with a very extensive library of content.

Please see here:


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Backlash For What I Have Published

The consequences for what I have reported have been extraordinarily steep.

As a result of brigading, I have been banned from:

  1. Multiple subreddits
  2. Twitter (account with 20k+ tweets & followers, followed by international journalists - suspended by a report from a member of Crypto Capital Co. [seriously])
  3. Medium account banned 3x
  4. Blacklisted from having my research / findings / results mentioned in any major 'publications' in the blockchain space (i.e., CoinDesk mainly)

I have also received numerous death threats from various individuals, both anonymous and not, in this space.

Pictures of close relatives (underaged as well) have been leaked in retaliation and lies have been spread about me, such as false accusations claiming that I am a 'pedophile' (have never and will never be charged with some shit like that - ever ; ironically, these people love to embrace known pedophiles such a Brock Pierce)

Here is a link to an article where I detail the Russian bots that have attacked my account, social engineering and other subversive tactics employed in the blockchain sphere:

Notably, I incurred a lot of Bitfinex's wrath when I exposed the fact that they were functionally insolvent in October 2018. This was later confirmed in April 2019 when the New York Attorney General publicly announced they would be pursuing litigation against Bitfinex due to suspected fraud involving USDT.

Addressing the 'Soros' Idea

Its funny you mention him because while he isn't present in blockchain, there is an equivalent named, 'Barry Silbert'.

He is intricately tied into a lot of the entities that I have consistently tried to warn people about.

Bitcoin, itself, is compromised to a high extent.

There is absolutely zero transparency with regards to the way that Bitcoin is run, its governance, or the decisions that are made and there are zero proposed standards that would even put it on the path to different.

And, no, I do not 'believe' in 'Bitcoin Cash' either. This is not a 'zero-sum' issue. The major flaw here with both protocols is that they reduced a much more complex issue (scaling) to one finite dimension (i.e., 'block size').

Issues such as malleability, quadratic hashing, issues with the storage of the blockchain (nearing or exceeding 250GB at this point) as well as dev decisions have not been addressed - at all. In fact, they've been purposefully avoided in favor of external protocols such as the 'Lightning Network', which represent a gross conflict of interest for each and every single Core developer at the time of writing.

Roger Ver, whom co-invested with Barry Silbert, in Coinapult (Crypto Capital Co.'s first partner) is certainly no better. Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver are both 'apprentices' of Barry Silbert and as such have many co-investments with one another (i.e., 'MyEtherWallet' or Changelly).

Binance (CZ) and Roger Ver have been very close for a number of years and when you go back and track the debacle regarding the domain address that Roger 'leased' to OKCoin and the fallout that ensued, it seems apparent that Changpeng Zhao (CZ) facilitated Roger's potential fraud in that situation. Roger being a seed investor in Binance as they popped up later did little to assuage this - but then again, there are few people that even know that he is a seed investor.

I have publicly questioned, scrutinized & criticized:

  1. Numerous exchanges
  2. Changpeng Zhao (dialogue)
  3. Vitalik Buterin (dialogue)
  4. Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken (dialogue)
  5. Erik Voorhees (dialogue)
  6. Charlie Lee (dialogue)
  7. Luke Dash (dialogue)
  8. Brock Pierce (dialogue)

And many others. I've never had a problem going at the power structure. Fuck the power structure. I'm not afraid of these people and you shouldn't be either.


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Thus, I have made it a point to publish extensive research covering all facets of the blockchain space including:

  1. Blockchain as it pertains to cryptography : (related link) ; additionally exploring dangers of public key re-use, numerous unsuitable wallet software deployments with questionable seed generation methods
  2. Blockchain Analysis : (I authored this piece) | tracking down stolen funds using Crystal Blockchain software = (severed the relationship with them later) | Bitcoin TX analysis showing funds ($XEM) from the $500M+ Coincheck hack [early 2018] being swapped on the darkweb, tracing that wallet, then showing the flow of transactions from that point = | additional picture I'll add at the end of this list for formatting purposes
  3. Mining : It feels like I don't cover mining enough, but when I go back and look at it - its a frequent topic of conversation ; particularly here when I examined and unearthed a lot of key details regarding 'ProgPoW', a proposed mining consensus algorithm change for Ethereum that was pushed in the most inorganic way possible by people funded by NVIDIA more than likely using the author (Kristy-Leigh Minehan) as a proxy in their anti-trust, hyper-capitalistic warfare against 'AMD' (a competing chip company) ; (start here) | Comparative analysis of benchmarks between NVIDIA & AMD = | There are more posts/write-ups/breakdowns/etc., than I can count related to this |
  4. Mining Pt. 2 = Under a month ago, I discovered that Bitcoin Cash's difficulty retargeting algorithm is essentially bro = ; (many RTs/Favs probably due to 'tribalism' ; I don't give a fuck about one or the other and I'm fairly certain that the split was a largely manufactured dispute) | Correcting the Math of Peter Rizun and Craig Wright as they were debating about the frequency/occurrence of 'orphan blocks' on the protocol (assuming normal targeting of 10 mins/block) =
  5. Blockchain Investigations : There is nothing posted here that could do this justice. The work & research done to uncover various entities is actually too extensive to detail here. Not to 'up' myself, but to accentuate how fucked up this space is.
  6. Trading : I have >100 ideas posted on TradingView = | I accurately mapped out the trajectory of Bitcoin's price from September 2018, leading out to approximately June 2019 = | I have coded up eight unique indicators, located on the profile just linked ; these indicators are enhancements of existing presets on TradingView that are deficient in the information / configuration they provide. I amended several key ones to enhance them in order to allow users to ascertain more information about an underlying asset | Here's a comprehensive workflow document I created for analyzing the market-related metrics as they pertain to ERC20 tokens, specifically = (another reason why a raddle(.)me instance would be infinitely useful)
  7. Blockchain Tech : I've written countless pieces related to the actual underlying mechanisms of crypto technology - specifically as they pertain to various projects | $ZIL = (yes, we get our hands dirty) | Overview of Ethereum's scaling roadmap and its viability = | Showing people how to actually analyze a token sale (in other words, get all the metrics - not just some or a few) = | Topological Analysis of Bitcoin that explores how BIP125 has helped create an ecosystem for Bitcoin where, when fees increase, they will do so rapidly rather than at an even, predictable pace =

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I wrote this in response to a user, but figured that I would post it all here (if it fits) and then individuals to it accordingly.

Thank you for your patience.

when you say you're a researcher and this is what you do for a living, are you saying you're an academic? funded by soros? (tongue in cheek on that one) or can you explain a little more?

When certain items come up, AI, machine learning, blockchain, I'm always a little skeptical since it usually, not always, turns out the people using them only have a cursory idea of what they are, what they can do realistically, their limitations and they're just being employed as buzzwords. You talk about business models and monetary issues/items which kind of says you might misunderstand what this community is about (granted, there are some tankies here, so you're not completely out of place talking about that stuff).

So basically, what can you show that says this is more than just fluff and/or some other quack entrepreneur scheme? From what you wrote I really don't understand and hopefully you can clarify a bit, including some real world examples of what you've done or do.

These are fair concerns ironed out here. Sorry for the delayed response (you wrote this 30+ minutes ago at the time I'm beginning this response).

Going to do my best to address everything on a point by point basis.

when you say you're a researcher and this is what you do for a living, are you saying you're an academic? funded by soros? (tongue in cheek on that one) or can you explain a little more?

Wouldn't use the term 'academic', that feels pretentious. But researcher is accurate. I sort of 'fell into' this, if that makes sense.

Here are some links to my public facing content

Twitter Accounts


Telegram Channels


Current Blog // The content on this resource is nowhere near the full extent of what's been posted. I had my Medium account suspended three times. Realized that bans could be farmed with relative ease via brigading (4chan-esque 'raid' style where a bunch of people / trolls in a chat decide that they're going to mass report an account to manipulate social platforms to get it banned)


Reddit is so untenable in the blockchain space, that I don't even bother with it


This was the beginning platform where I initiated my subscription / memberships. It has expanded greatly since then, with a ton of deliverables.

This is how I eat. I don't invest in anything, take in any sponsors, have any venture capital firms backing me, etc., and I make it a point to avoid such.


I have many subdomains based on Gitbook instances. There are many reports/research pieces/etc., that I have stored on '' (root domain) for the time being.

When I first started generating content in the space, that was something I thought was viable - but I now know that it isn't.

There are many additional platforms such as the changelog/discourse/instagram (will deprecate in favor of Pixelfed)/etc., that I won't link to save time.

When certain items come up, AI, machine learning, blockchain, I'm always a little skeptical since it usually, not always, turns out the people using them only have a cursory idea of what they are, what they can do realistically, their limitations and they're just being employed as buzzwords

You would be right to think so.

I am an outcast in the blockchain community. By accident, actually.

Roughly around last May, I released an article (I've become a much better writer since then), titled, 'The Real Crypto Cartel'. The Medium account is banned, but the article was archived and can be accessed here =

In this piece, I directly call out the largest entities in the blockchain sphere and point out their connection to several large sources of money laundering.

One individual, in particular, named 'Ivan Manuel Molina Lee', I connected to a raid on a Polish bank in March 2018 that resulted in $300M+ being seized. Specifically, I connected him with a large cryptocurrency exchange called, Bitfinex.

Over a year and a half later, he was finally apprehended by European authorities in relation to the incident:


In that article referenced above (again, that work is far from being reflective of what I do now in terms of quality), I also referenced and put out a warning to the space regarding QuadrigaCX.

Early 2019, the exchange revealed their owner, Gerry Cotten, had perished in India during a honeymoon at the age of 30 from Crohn's disease. 15 days later, the website for the exchange went offline permanently.

In the immediate aftermath, it was stated that over $200 million worth of customer funds was lost. The exchange's excuse was that these funds were inaccessible due to Gerry Cotten's passing (allegedly he was the only person with knowledge of the wallets where funds were stored).

Finding this claim to be exceptional and hard to believe, I was the first person in the blockchain space to publish a full blockchain analysis, detailing QuadrigaCX's Bitcoin inflow/outflow and ultimately showing that they were no wallets that they had access to that contained an amount anywhere near this number.

This research was cited in:

  1. Wall Street Journal
  2. Engadget
  3. Vice News
  4. CoinDesk
  5. CoinTelegraph

Just to name a few.

Specifically, before Ravid Yosef was named in the 'Fowler vs. U.S.' indictment, which was unsealed and published by the DOJ on April 30th, 2019 - myself and another Twitter user named, Intel Jakal, had already found her through the winding rabbit hole of criminal fraud that 'Crypto Capital Co.' (company that 'Ivan Manuel Molina Lee' is also attached to) - more aptly named, Global Trade Solutions, is attached to.

His Tweet =

Unsealed Indictment Released by the Department of Justice =

360 Coverage of Blockchain and Anything Related to it

When I came into this space, I was extremely naive of what was going on.

Like many others, I was under the impression that 'Bitcoin' was a de facto 'good' and that it was manifested and maintained in a way akin to how the internet is now (via the IETF).

Sadly, this could not be further from the truth. However, many are not aware of this fact because substantive, truthful information regarding the reliability of certain facets of the blockchain space have either been obfuscated, embellished or hidden.


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I do not have a team.

I'm just a regular person that's passionate about what I do.

I gave this analogy to my friend (super non-tech / non-political person) the other day when I told them:

"You know how there are some people in this world that are into really niche, yet critically important things like ensuring a really obscure preservation is environmentally protected or providing medical/daily assistance and treatment to children with a very specific, rare disease we never knew existed? And you know how when we learn about these people and their journeys, we may empathize & respect them, but ultimately, we probably won't pick up that mantle because it isn't our 'calling'? That's what this is for me"

Not to be grandiose or self-righteous, but this is one of those things that gets me up. I don't know why. I don't consider myself to be a Mother Theresa or even someone that's more 'good' or 'bad' than the next guy person*. But this is something that lights a fire in me. I'm inspired to make a difference here.

But I realize that what I care about is fairly 'niche' in the grand scheme so I have yet to run into someone that feels the same about what I'm doing - so there is no 'team'.

But that's a big part of why I'm looking to deploy a raddle(.)me instance. I already have a Discourse and a couple of other federated instances. It is my hope to start fostering community outside of controlled social media platforms filled with noise where I can start expanding on what I have researched and discovered and explain to others why certain things are worthy of concern.

It is my hope that, upon learning about this, a similar fire may be lit within them as well. Perhaps this will inspire them to begin researching and contributing to the community in the same way I am. Then, in that way, it goes from becoming:

  • 'who are you?'
  • 'who is your team?'
  • 'what's your objective?'


'What is this?' 'Explain this movement' 'Who are you guys?' | 'Who are you people?'

I don't want to be at the top. I have long ago resolved in my mind that it is very well possible that I spend a sizeable portion of my life pouring my heart and soul into something to build its foundation and expand it - only to completely relinquish control and fade into the 'masses' as another voice, no louder than the others, for the sake of the greater purpose of helping establish a non-hierarchical community entrenched in the same power struggle, warfaring B.S. that we see in nearly every facet of society these days - both personally and publicly.

Edit: Clarity, spelling, gender corrections.


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Disclaimer: No disclaimer. If the gov't arrests me one day and brings up this post like they did to Aaron Schwartz, then know I am a revolutionary and I believe in freedom and will die for it. I just pray my suffering is not too intense if and when that day comes and that I have done the things necessary to make this world a better place, fulfill God's commands, and provide a way for my loved ones to prosper in my absence.


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Apologies for the reference to the 'deranged ex-wife'. I was being hyperbolic to encompass the greater point of 'shit happens' that's sometimes really wild and unexpected that no one could have anticipated.

So even in the 'perfect' situation, unless we have our information/systems on an architecture that is, top to bottom, impervious to being censored - or at least highly resistant to it - we have work to do.

With regards to the rest of what you wrote:

  1. Thank you for the reference to 'Ziq', I will reach out.

  2. I know 'postmill' is open source. I've spoken with the creator of it. My issue is the technical know-how for the deployment of an instance - which is why I am offering to pay a developer or someone with the technical expertise to assist me in this effort

  3. 'Not knowing who you are' ; More than happy to divulge that information when speaking to the relevant parties that are interested in engaging with me on this idea. I think it would be a bit reckless, at the very least, to dump all of that information in an introductory post on a public website where anyone can view & exploit

  4. 'having an entire technical team' ; I didn't mention anything about that. In fact, quite the opposite - I am a one-man show. If I had a technical team behind me, I would simply ask them to deploy an instance of raddle(.)me

4a. To reiterate, the actual creator of postmill is the one that recommended that I put up this post. She specifically linked me to and told me that I should issue my request for assistance with deployment here.

  1. "I doubt they would want to include you on the admin team" ; not looking to be involved with what is doing at all. This is its own community with its own objectives & direction. I'm asking for someone to assist me with deploying a sister instance - much like we see multiple instances of Mastodon, if that makes sense.

  2. "If you are trying to provide suggestions for..." ; This is not what I am trying to do.

  3. "If you want to setup your own Postmill instance, go for it, the code is online..." ; I am aware of this. Its open source. Again, I am requesting for assistance from a developer or someone with the technical expertise to facilitate deployment.

  4. Not looking to promote the platform on here once its deployed. If you want to use / visit / bookmark it for yourself, go ahead. If not, that's fine. Its a free website that will cover very specific topics that may or may not be interesting depending upon the person viewing them. They are needed though.

To be clear, I am a researcher. This is what I do for a living. This is not a rogue interest, 'idea', or hobby. This would be an appendage to several, already-functioning and deployed facets of the brand.

Thank you for the response / feedback on deployment though man. Seriously.

Edit : Word 'man' at the end struck. Was enlightened by another member that this was an inappropriate and potentially offensive gender assumption. My apologies to the user this post was published in response to for this assumption.