liberty767 OP wrote

The point of all the neverending bans, deletions, quarantines, censorship, blacklisting, deplatforming, doxxing, boycotting, threats, intimidation, harassment, mobs, etc. Surrounding people in public and screaming at them. Driving them out of restaurants.

The whole strategy of the Awokening has been to make it impossible to disagree with the progressive left. To make it clear that you either believe everything they tell you, completely and totally, with unwavering fervor, no matter how insane it might seem...or you're a Nazi.


liberty767 OP wrote

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce

America is a free republic. There are free elections. There is freedom of speech and political opposition. Industry and commerce is in private, not public, hands.

You are not very smart.


liberty767 OP wrote

You have America confused with Germany. America is not national socialist.

This place is meant to be neutral, outside the bounds of society's leftist circlejerk and yet it is increasingly starting to look like f/communism and f/feminism in here. Any post which goes against typical leftist talking points like pro-globalism, anti-Christianity, anti-authoritarianism, etc. is met with fierce opposition.

You'd really think that these people would be content in their leftist safe spaces seeing that these same spaces set the narrative in terms of front page exposure but no! Everyone needs to be subjected and forced to agree with your views. We can't even have genuine discussion in a space meant to be separate from left wing shilling without leftist influence taking hold. It is pure leftist authoritarianism in action. Everyone is forced to wipe their ass with the same leftist rag.

But why should anybody be surprised in this day and age? We're in the era of the clown world where logic and reason are ridiculed.

Now sit back and watch me get attacked for spreading the truth.