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Don't even bother talking with ancaps. Their ideology requires them to deny anything that is contrary to their core beliefs. The idea that you should't do something if both people consent is contrary to their entire idea of morality. You'll convince a brick wall to learn that you shouldn't have sex with a 14 at 70 years old sooner than the average ancap.


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I guess this might be more of a theoretical grey zone. Volunteering for food not bombs is obviously anarchist but being an unpaid intern for Microsoft is capitalist greed not social anarchy imo. If think making captions on a YouTuber who makes little money or no money is social anarchy. Volunteering to improve a product for someone who makes six figures or more living a lavish life of luxury is exploitation. I think there could be a philosophical debate on how captions fall on the side of social anarchy.

I wouldn't care if there wouldn't be evidence that many breadtubers are being exploitative in other ways.


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Yeah contrapoint has gotten a lot of surgeries but she is still quite a hyper consumer. Though I dont really care about how much money they have. That was more other peoples criticism. I was just curious if there is more info on if they where running their channels on capitalist business models.

Yeah I dont think there is enough evidence to prove most breadtubers are capitalists. Though I would call T1J, kat Blaque and xanderhal capitalist because they sell products made using sweatshops in undeveloped countries. Though it is possible maybe even likely that popular breadtubers are capitalist. They just haven't released enough info to know.


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I'm pretty sure most US Republicans are posadists. They keep going to stores without masks dont social distance and having 500 people+ parties. It feels like the fucking lock down will never end because of these chucklefucks.


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I wouldn't really care if it was just having volunteers doing captions. There are multiple reasons that make me suspicious and there is very little information on whats going on behind the scenes. I guess I'm concerned because I haven't heard anything good about worker treatment behind the scenes combined with little information is a very bad sign.

I think you're right about the relationships part. That kind of thing is going to be complicated no matter what. I shouldn't have brought that up.


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Yes, it would be much better for people working under millionaire breadtubers to receive pay in form of percentage of profit. Though I think its bold of you to assume that they are paying all of their workers. Most of the captions are added by volunteers. PhilosophyTube has even complained about how you tube changed a feature so its harder for people to do free labor for them.

Also we can talk about how some breatubers such as Xanderhal and T1J use companies that use child labor for their merch because its more profitable. Is using cheap child labor ok if you call yourself an anarchist?

How do you feel about Elon Musk? They are an anarcho-syndiclist so, I guess we shouldn't criticize Tesla now. If not when does calling yourself an anarchist not protect you from immoral actions.

Is big joel girlfriend getting paid or are they doing free labor to help Joel? If they are getting paid will them breaking up take away one of cubmoths source of income?

Breadtubers should have great labor policies for their workers. We know very little about labor conditions and the little we do know is negative.


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If they are going to use other peoples labor they should give these other people some control of the means of production. Also the fact that we don't know how well treated there workers are is somewhat concerning.

The biggest issue is how some of the creators I mentioned get massive amounts of help from their friends but their friends don't reap the rewards of their labor. They possible might in the cases we dont know. But in the one case we do know, the worker wasn't getting treated fairly.


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As someone from rural US when I asked questions about why life is so shitty beau of the fifth column had anarchists solutions from someone who really understood my experience. Beau is basically a southern anarchist, his videos are short and combine personal stories and theory together. They are the biggest rural anarchist that I know of.

While I'm not a big fan of contapoints after watching one of her videos I really understood why people where trans. Before I would argue with people for trans peoples rights but I always saw trans people as sexists(Cringy TERF take ).

Shaun makes pretty decent videos.I won't forget his channel because one of his videos had a profound effect on me. I never really understood the left until I watched the fate of frog men video by shaun. I had tried to browse anarchist forums but wouldn't understand their mindset so nothing would make any sense to me.

I mulled over the video for some time and as a rational white man tried to debunk it. I couldn't and eventually I accepted the idea which made everything kinda click. I then understood the leftist framework and I already agreed with 80 percent of the ideas. It helped me finally understand the far left.

I don't like their videos personally but thought slime is pretty good. They has lots of entry level videos but thought slime has a really bubbly and wholesome personality. I appreciate their content as it portrays anarchism in a much more relatable and less scary way to newbies.


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I didn't really bother with the whole contrapoints cancelling drama. Most people are way more anti nb and contra seemed to do a honest mistake. I haven't watched her newest video so I can't comment on that.


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I put your writing into paragraphs so its easier to read.

this is something pretty weird and I would like someone to give me advice. i’ve developed the habit of intentionally lurking in places online that encourage me to hate myself, places like /pol on 4chan. i tell myself that “oh i’m just looking at this stuff because it’s so stupid” or “i’m trying to see how the alt right operates” etc. lately however, it’s become clear that those explanations are incomplete.

perhaps I visit sites like that because i hate who i am. it’s a relatively well documented phenomena, people in marginalized communities intentionally seek out hateful material. i feel like this explanation is also inadequate. the real truth is that i seem to absolutely revel in seeing how deluded people can become, how they have wrapped themselves so tightly in sheets of contradictions that they have long since given up any attempt to free themselves, lying to themselves day after day, unknowingly, believing themselves to be the harbingers of some “intellectual revolution.”

I look at their bullshit, and i do have so much fun looking into their vile pits of ignorance that i forget that their rhetoric is caustic and dangerous, that the uninformed can easily be won over by their intentionally misleading arguments. my probing into 4chan and 8chan coincides with my love of horror movies and my sick addiction to those odd, deluded manuscripts only to be found in dark corners of the internet. manuscripts in which pedophile jews and their accomplices really do control the whole government, along with the media, and that the jews are actually reptiles, etc. i view the alt right/neo reactionary movement, at least in its online form, in a similar way. as a B rated horror movie, a shitty sci-fi drama. some of them believe in esoteric hitlerism, i mean I guess you can make that shit up, they do it every day.

I have this problem of laughing at hateful content because it’s horrifically stupid, indulging, so to speak, in this political gore. a car crash of a political ideology with real life casualties. i forget those people on /pol manifest themselves politically sometimes. occasionally, with violent results. i read the word fg and kke and it doesn’t phase me anymore even though it should, because i’m gay, and most of my family is jewish. it’s as if i were to compulsively watch videos of myself getting killed, gassed, just another carcass on live leaks. sorry for the incoherence.

what I’m trying to ask, and seek advice on, is why do I intentionally seek these things out? is this common? it certainly doesn’t feel healthy. certainly doesn’t help me love myself. i don’t feel right to be honest, and i haven’t for a long time. is this a form of self harm, intellectualized self-harm? where’s the line between reading slurs and internalizing them? there’s no point in tying anything more, you get the message. i know this is a pretty unorthodox post, but i have no one else to speak to about this. just don’t judge me too hard.i know how stupid this all sounds.

I've asked myself a similar question. My reasons won't be the same as yours but I would ask myself all the time " why do I browse sites like kiwi farms and 4chan?". After lots of time thinking on it I had 2 answers

  1. I want to learn more about people who I don't understand. I greatly dislike not being able to understand people.

  2. Selfishly I feel way better about myself when I browse pol. I see all these hate filled people who are unhappy, poor with terrible jobs. Then I look at myself and see someone that is better than them. Its fucking disgusting to feel superior to people cause I'm wining capitalism better, but thats the major reasons why I go. When I realized why I was going to these sites I stopped going altogether.


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Ok so you're ok with killing innocent people because the crime they might have done is pure evil. To prove 100 percent that someone did a murder is really hard and can go wrong. How terrible the crime they might have done doesn't make the investigation any easier.

Death penalty cases last many years sometimes even multiple decades. It's so long because with so much time new evidence comes up which is a major factor in why 68 recent of death penalty cases are overturned.


Also physical punishment for other crimes is a shittest idea on the planet. If you would bother to do any research before you claim that attacking people is a good idea you'd realize how ineffective it is.